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Steel form tie shortage threatens construction safety
Relief from a “perfect storm of elements” contributing to the scarcity of a vital construction component might not come until 2023
Xtreme launches world’s tallest telehandler
The 85-foot XR1585-C features a patent-pending operator station that allows traveling with the load to height for enhanced positioning control
Volvo electric excavators and wheel loaders coming to the U.S. this year
Manufacturer claims the ECR25 electric excavator and L25 electric wheel loader have nearly identical specifications to their diesel equivalents
Elon Musk completes construction on Las Vegas Convention Center Loop
Teslas stand ready to move 4,400 passengers per hour from one end of the campus to the other; will be autonomous by end of the year
Top 10 major upcoming Northeast construction projects
Biggest jobs are nearly all infrastructure projects which have a combined total value of $132.7 billion
JCB pursues development of hydrogen engine
Equipment manufacturer stated hydrogen offers a more cost-effective, less-complex means of achieving lower carbon emissions than battery-powered alternatives
Both sides inch closer as GOP offers $928 billion for infrastructure
Republicans and Democrats negotiate, demonstrating mutual commitment to investing in the nation’s transportation system
Where are the worst highway freight bottlenecks in the U.S.?
Federal Highway Administration data shows U.S. economy lost over $42 billion in 2019 due to traffic congestion and delays, highlighting the need for investment in infrastructure
United Rentals Trench Safety Digital Learning Series available for free
United Rentals supports Trench Safety Stand Down Week, June 14-18, with online education to raise awareness of hazards with trench and excavation work
John Deere celebrates 50 years of backhoe-loaders
Manufacturer working on electric backhoe concept as it looks to the future
Bipartisan proposal gives highway funding 34% boost
U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are working on new surface transportation reauthorization bill worth historic high of $305 billion
Buttigieg reverses Trump decision, reinstates local hiring program
State and local agencies receiving federal funds can impose local hiring preferences, such as those favoring veterans, minorities and low-income workers
Sales up sharply for John Deere
Second quarter sales up by over a third for John Deere’s construction division
Komatsu introduces electric and remote-controlled concept mini excavator
Manufacturer has announced concept machine, which is fully electric and operated by remote control
SmartEquip launches e-Commerce solutions to owners of mixed fleets
New e-Commerce Store and e-Commerce Support programs aimed at equipment owners of multiple brands
ARA forecasts equipment rental recovery, pins hopes on infrastructure funding
Rental revenue expected to exceed peak totals in 2022 despite lag in nonresidential construction
Terex to move telehandler production to Mexico
Chairman and CEO John Garrison said the move will position the company with cost-competitive products for the North American market
California high-speed rail project could get $4.2 billion in new funding
California High-Speed Rail Authority said an average of 1,116 construction workers are working at the high-speed rail project sites per week
Did your favorite brand of equipment make the top 10?
Annual ranking of leading construction equipment manufacturers reveals sales declined in 2020, but the result is surprisingly positive
Interview: Why Brittany Gentilhomme is building a career in construction
25-year-old assistant superintendent wants to help young people get their hands dirty and go to work
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