10 biggest product intros from 2022

By Jenny LescohierDecember 15, 2022

Keeping you up to date on the latest product introductions is a big part of what CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365 is all about, and to that end, there have been a steady stream of important announcements over the past year.

Here’s our list of the biggest product introductions, based on audience interest, from number 10 leading up to number one:

10. Takeuchi’s new 15-ton TB2150R tackles wide range of jobs - Takeuchi introduces the new TB2150R, a 15t excavator with a fixed boom arrangement and reduced tailswing design.

“The design of the TB2150R makes it an exceptional platform for applications that require more compact dimensions and powerful performance,” said David Caldwell, national product manager for Takeuchi.

“These applications would include road and bridge work, urban revitalization projects, large scale utility installations and general construction.”

He added, “By adding the TB2150R to our excavator line-up, we’re providing our customers with a larger, more powerful option that can help them tackle a much broader range of jobs.”

9. Bobcat promotes fuel cost savings with new E32e and E10e - Bobcat adds two electric compact excavators, the E32e and E10e, to its stable of compact battery-powered alternatives.

The company showed the capabilities of its electric construction equipment lineup last spring at a series of test drive and live demonstration events near Los Angeles in Granada Hills and in Stockton, CA.

The tour promoted the new machines to leaders from the California Air Resources Board, City of Los Angeles, Port of Los Angeles, Stanislaus County and other public organizations, as well as Sunbelt Rentals, Bobcat dealers and construction contractors as choices for government and private fleets to help reduce carbon footprints and minimize job site noise levels.

8. Case previews electric mini excavator for availability in 2023 - Case teased the upcoming introduction of an electric mini excavator, the CX15 EV, slated to be available in North American next year.

The preview took place at the CNH Industrial Capital Markets Day event in Miami Beach, Florida.

The Case CX15 EV is a 2,900-lb machine powered by a 16 kW electric motor. It features retractable tracks that reduce machine width to approximately 31 inches to make going through doors and working in confined spaces easier, while its minimum swing radius design allows it to work very close to structures and obstacles.

The CX15 EV is powered by a 21.5 kWh lithium-ion battery that’s charged by the 110V/220V on-board charger or via an external rapid charger that can power it up within 90 minutes. Depending on the circumstances, the CX15 EV can work through an eight-hour day on one charge.

The 12,121-lb, 48.8-hp DX50Z-7 is part of Doosan’s new line of mini excavators

7. Doosan’s new DX50Z-7 mini excavator teases new line - Doosan showed off its new 5-ton DX50Z-7 mini excavator in January this year, teasing its availability in the coming months, along with other Next Generation models.

The 12,121-lb, 48.8-hp machine is part of the 5-metric-ton size class. Its zero-tail swing design makes it ideal for customers working in confined spaces on construction job sites or landscaping projects. It digs to 11 feet 5 inches, reaches 19 feet, and can load to a height of 12 feet, 6 inches.

Doosan Infracore North America introduced a completely new lineup of mini excavators this year, including machines ranging from 2.7 to 8.5 tons.

6. John Deere introduces 350 P-tier and 380 P-tier mid-size excavators - As part of its ongoing Performance Tiering Strategy, John Deere introduces its latest P-tier and G-tier mid-size excavator models, including the brand-new 200 G-Tier model.

P-Tier excavator models are designed for customers looking to enhance their job site productivity. These models have advanced features to deliver a high level of performance, efficiency and comfort.

Offering improved front-joint durability, the P-Tier mid-size models - including the 135, 210, 245, 250, 300 and 345 - promote better performance and operator stability.

With grease points at the arm-tip for easy maintenance, extended uptime and better torque retention at the clamp - which reduces the likelihood of the front hydraulic pipes moving - the new P-Tier models are meant to provide performance with easier serviceability. In addition, the redesigned boom-foot bushings offer enhanced durability for an extended machine life span.

5. Bobcat’s new S86 and T86 are their most powerful skid steers ever - The new S86 skid steer is the most powerful Bobcat has ever built, with 3,400 lbs of operating capacity at 50% of tipping load, and the T86 now tops the Bobcat compact track loader line at 5,430 lbs of capacity.

The new top end of Bobcat’s compact loaders is among the five largest loader capacities at half of tipping load for skid steers and compact track loaders on the market. And the new Bobcats make the most auxiliary-hydrualic horsepower available.

Bobcat boosted horsepower for the T86 and S86 to 105 while optimizing machine weight. The result is greater lifting capacity along with nimble maneuverability for fast cycle times. Bobcat’s engine emissions solution meets Tier 4 regulations without a diesel particulate filter.

4. New Cat 350 excavator consumes 13% less fuel - Caterpillar has released a new 47-tonne excavator, the Cat 350, which is said to consume up to 13% less fuel than the Cat 349 to lower costs, reduce CO2 emissions, and operate more sustainably.

The model also has three power mode options – Smart, Power, and Eco – to match the excavator to the job to further reduce fuel consumption.

“Caterpillar is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while helping our customers meet their climate-related objectives,” said Brian Abbott, Caterpillar global product manager for large hydraulic excavators. “The 350 is our latest example of delivering on that commitment.”

3. Case Minotaur DL550 compact dozer loader is two machines in one - Case Construction Equipment has been teasing its Project Minotaur for years - a machine

Weighing in at more than 18,000 lbs and working with 114 horsepower, Case says the DL550 delivers true dozing and grading performance, as well as powerful site loading capabilities and compatibility with hundreds of attachments

blending a small dozer with a compact track loader - and it became reality with the official introduction of the Minotaur DL550 compact dozer loader, the first machine of its kind on the market.

“We showed the concept machine, Project Minotaur, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in 2017, and it started as just that, a concept machine,” says Brad Stemper, North American product management lead at Case CE. “It was an imediate hit with customers, which proved the desire and need for this machine in the market, which is a whole new product category and different from anything else in the industry.”

Stemper continues, “We have 29 patents on this machine and over 10,000 field test hours to ensure these machines are ready to go to market.”

Weighing in at more than 18,000 lbs and working with 114 horsepower, Case says the DL550 delivers true dozing and grading performance, as well as powerful site loading capabilities and compatibility with hundreds of attachments.

2. Hitachi calls its new ZX210LC-6 HP excavator a ‘beast’ - Contractors looking for an excavator offering faster, stronger and more precise response, Hitachi brings you the 163-hp, 50,265-lb. ZX210LC-6 HP with features designed for heavy-duty operation.

Most noteworthy of those features is the exclusive TRIAS II hydraulic system with three pumps to supply just the right amount of oil to exactly where it’s needed.

In its first press briefing since the end of its decades-long manufacturing and marketing joint venture with John Deere, Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) introduced its first excavators for the North American market. In addition to the ZX210LC-6 HP, the company also debuted the ZX26U-5N and ZX50U-5N compact excavators.

Rob Orlowski, director, product management & engineering, sales for Hitachi, called the ZX210LC-6 HP a “gamechanger” and a “beast” due to its one-of-a-kind triple-pump hydraulics and some beefy body upgrades.

1. Bobcat unveils world’s first all-electric compact track loader - Construction equipment took one more step toward electrification as Doosan Bobcat introduced the world’s first all-electric compact track loader.

The move came in tandem with an announcement from Sunbelt Rentals that it has pledged a commitment to putting the new technology in the hands of its

The T7X is the first machine of its kind to be fully electric, offering the full benefits of eliminating hydraulic systems, components, emissions and vibrations – all while providing cleaner, quieter operation

customers across North America this year.

The new Bobcat T7X was unveiled at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, widely considered to be the world’s most influential technology event.

The T7X is the first machine of its kind to be fully electric, offering the full benefits of eliminating hydraulic systems, components, emissions and vibrations – all while providing cleaner, quieter operation, according to the company.

“The machine is fully battery powered, and is designed to outperform its diesel counterparts,” said Joel Honeyman, vice president of global innovation at Doosan Bobcat.

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