EquipmentShare’s apprenticeship program aims to recruit skilled workers

By Jenny LescohierNovember 29, 2021

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported that 92% of contractors experience 'moderate to high levels of difficulty' finding skilled workers

EquipmentShare will launch an apprenticeship program in January 2022 as part of its stated mission to develop a skilled workforce pipeline for recruitment purposes.

Recently, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported that 92% of contractors experience “moderate to high levels of difficulty” finding skilled workers. Combined with EquipmentShare’s internship program and veterans recruitment efforts, the upcoming apprenticeship program will also draw attention to emerging careers in the modern construction era, many of which are directly connected to technology.

“Our industry has experienced a skilled labor shortage for many years now,” said Jabbok Schlacks, CEO and co-founder of EquipmentShare, a nationwide equipment rental company that’s putting connected technology – telematics – at the core of its offer to contractors. “Our apprenticeship program makes us part of the solution. Through this program, we’ll offer on-the-job training with next-generation equipment and our own cutting-edge technology to prepare the next generation of talented construction industry professionals.”

EquipmentShare’s new Apprenticeship Program Manager Kalynn Ramsey is working with counselors and professors at colleges, technical schools and career centers in Missouri to develop the program. Additionally, the program will be registered with the U.S. Department of Labor to meet national quality standards.

As part of the program, which was launched in conjunction with National Apprenticeship Week 2021, EquipmentShare will cover a portion of the cost of each apprentice’s schooling and provide on-the-job training for skilled workers, such as mechanics and technology installers.

“It’s incredible to witness when new apprentices are exposed to our technology and they start to see how construction is changing; they get to be a part of something special,” Ramsey said. “They are the future of construction and play a role in helping the industry as a whole become more advanced and attractive for other individuals looking for a new career.”

“Every company with construction equipment struggles with really understanding how to service equipment, prevent machine failure and increase uptime,” said Willy Schlacks, president and co-founder of EquipmentShare. “Technology is becoming more and more of a tool if used properly. If individuals know how to leverage technology, like T3, construction can grow leaps and bounds in terms of efficiency and productivity.”

Apprenticeship Missouri works with employers, providers and partners to build a diverse and skilled workforce in Missouri through apprenticeship and work-based learning opportunities. Apprenticeship Missouri provided support to help EquipmentShare prepare its apprenticeship program for launch.

“Missouri has a strong history of apprenticeships in the construction industry,” Jeanna Caldwell, apprenticeship and work-based learning manager at the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development, said. “Programs like EquipmentShare’s apprenticeships will ensure that construction workers have the technical knowledge and on-the-job experience they need to create safe and productive work sites.

“Experienced workers can pass on their knowledge to apprentices through mentorship and build a path to competency, which will provide this industry with skilled laborers for years to come. Apprenticeship Missouri is proud to work with EquipmentShare to develop their apprenticeship program and excited to see the impact it has for construction’s workforce.”

Ramsey said, “We’re looking for motivated individuals who want to grow the skills they already have or learn a new trade to pursue an apprenticeship with EquipmentShare. Whether you’re already established in your career, you’ve graduated from a university or you’re studying at a tech school, the apprenticeship program will give participants a pathway to the next step of their career.”

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