Kubota introduces new one-ton excavator for the tightest spaces

By Jenny LescohierJanuary 26, 2022

The Kubota U10-5 extends to a 5 ft. 11 in. digging depth with a bucket breakout force of 2,337 lbs.

Kubota kicks off its 50th anniversary year with the introduction of its brand-new U10-5 minimal tail swing compact excavator designed to meet the needs of professionals who require an ultra-nimble machine in the zero- to 1-ton range.

The company also unveiled the K008-5 conventional tail swing model which replaces the -3 model with various upgrades.

“Our new excavators are ideal for tight, confined spaces, and with the U10-5 being a minimal tail swing model and both excavators featuring retractable tracks, they are ready to work in even the narrowest spaces on the job site,” said Patrick Baker, Kubota construction equipment product manager.

“With the new K008-5 and U10-5, we now have a broad offering of 13 compact excavator models across the 1- to 8-ton weight classes, and now feature more flexibility among the conventional and minimal tail swing lines.”

The K008-5 and U10-5 offer single-level maneuverability with hydraulic adjustable track widths that contract to fit through tight spaces such as doorways and fence gates, as well as inside buildings, hallways, elevators and more.

On the K008-5, the tracks adjust down to 2 ft. 4 in. and the U10-5 contracts to 2 ft. 6 in., then when the operator wants to widen the tracks, the tracks widen out to 2 ft. 10 in. and 3 ft. 3 in., respectively.

“The U10-5 is Kubota’s answer to the rental or professional customer, for example, who requires a compact excavator in the zero- to 1-ton range, but in a more compact frame with minimal tail swing to be more nimble and agile than ever before for both residential and commercial work,” Baker explained.

“The U10-5 provides superior flexibility when working in tight spaces with very minimal overhang at 0.6 of an inch over the tracks, ensuring excellent balance, stability, and fast operation. It truly is the ideal model for working in compact spaces.”

He added, “We are very, very close to being true zero tailswing with this U10-5 introduction. What that means is this is a great machine for working alongside a curved single lane of traffic or between homes or along the fence line. It’s an excellent excavator for those tough areas to work in.

“We’ve seen very good success in segments and applications such as landscape, commercial and residential construction as well as utility work. This machine will do very well in rental but we believe it will be very strong for those professional applications.”

The K008-5 has a working range that includes a digging depth of 5 ft. 8 in. and a bucket breakout force of 2,205 lbs.

The U10-5 extends to a 5 ft. 11 in. digging depth with a bucket breakout force of 2,337 lbs. “That’s class leading in the one-ton space,” Baker said.

“We’ve increased the dig depth by three inches over the previous generation, from 5 ft. 8 in. to 5 ft. 11 in. Our dig reach on this machine has increased 12 full inches, so one full foot of added dig reach at ground level from 9 ft. 11. to now 10 ft. 11 in. Not only can we fit into small, confined working sites, we can also reach a little further and get to those places that other excavators can’t.”

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