Trencor T14 trencher uses Cat C18 engine for improved efficiency, lower costs

By Jenny LescohierJune 27, 2022

The Cat C18 engine is rated above 750 hp, so it's able to avoid diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and AdBlue regulations, eliminating a customer maintenance point

No two job sites are created the same. The ground conditions, climate and regulatory standards differ drastically from West Salem, Ohio to Sydney, Australia and at every job site in between.

This presents pipeline construction professionals with difficult challenges to overcome. While there are no easy solutions for these challenges, knowing that your equipment can handle your job site conditions while meeting regulatory standards is a great start.

Newly equipped with the CAT C18 engine, the Trencor T14 trencher is designed to help pipeline construction professionals improve efficiency and decrease costs on each job site.

Compared to the previous T4F engine offering, this CAT C18 engine offers substantially more horsepower with an increase from 613 hp to 755 hp. This 22% increase in gross power allows operators to tackle large-diameter pipeline installation projects and tough ground conditions.

Due to this CAT C18 engine being rated above 750 hp, it is able to avoid the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and AdBlue regulations, eliminating a customer maintenance point and the potential service needs associated with DEF systems, contamination and reliability. This enables operators to spend more time on the job site and less time on machine maintenance.

Additionally, the C18 engine allows for the T14 to be compliant with both EPA Tier 4 Final and European Union Stage 5 requirements. Meeting these high regulatory requirements means that the machine can be used on more job sites around the world.

The engine also features a simple aftertreatment system, pusher fan and easy-to-use pump drive. It’s possible to remove the lower power take-off (PTO) shaft to direct mount the pump to the PTO and incorporate the high-speed chain kit into the standard unit. Each of these enhancements helps to improve the ease of use, operator experience and machine power.

The updated machine packages the engine, transmission, pumps and cooler all together onto one modular skid that can be more easily installed in or removed from the unit. This simplifies repairs, and also makes all of Trencor inventories more flexible. For example, if operators encounter a situation where a T4F unit is in stock, it can be reconfigured into a T3.

The size and weight of this machine eases transportation time and costs. Based on the configuration of the T14, pipeline construction professionals have the ability to transport the machine in fewer parts. This improves efficiency, productivity and cost by the reducing time needed to disassemble and reassemble the machine, while decreasing the number of vehicles needed for transportation.

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