Variety of new telehandlers boast ease of use, greater capacity

By Euan YoudaleAugust 04, 2021

Skyjack has revealed their first significant design changes since the TH Series launched in 2015

Variations in standards for telehandlers in North America and Europe, along with their distinct design differences, create challenges for manufacturers wishing to supply products to both continents.

This is equally true for access equipment manufacturers, which also offer telehandlers as part of their ranges. North America-based access specialists Genie, JLG and Skyjack are finding a large majority of their telehandler sales in the continent.

Josh Taylor, product manager at Genie, explained, “Because North America and the EMEAR market have different regulatory standards that must be met, the machines for each market are purpose-built to deliver what our customers in each of those market’s needs.”

Kurt Atchison, director of product management with Skyjack, said, “While there is growing demand for alternate fuel and power sources for telehandlers in Europe, primarily being driven by changing emission requirements, the same factors are not really driving changes in North America.”

He added that the versatility of smaller compact machines and their related applications is creating a market for hybrid and electric models, as well as different tire options.

New products designed for North America

Canadian manufacturer Skyjack made a number of changes to its TH Series earlier this year to better suit typical jobsites from a maintenance and operator standpoint. Hardware in the cab, along with the seat, has been upgraded to improve the operator experience.

While Skyjack has made one-off changes to its TH Series over the years, these are the first significant design updates since the series was launched in 2015.

The TH Series has lifting capacities from 5,500 lbs to 12,000 lbs. They continue to use the company’s SMARTORQUE that requires no diesel particulate filter, diesel exhaust fluid or active exhaust aftertreatment, the Flexcab easy transition from open to enclosed cab; the Readyhook Rear Axle Stabilisation system and the Elevate telematics system.

Key design to the 6,000-lb to 12,000-lb capacity TH Series telehandlers include a tilt compensation cylinder configuration that utilizes a dual cylinder setup to better distribute the load and improve reliability, as well as a high-pressure filter added to the hydraulic system to complement the oil return filter, further reducing the risk of contamination.

The main boom pivot bearings were updated to greaseless bearings, removing the need for end users to grease and maintain on jobsites. A highly durable steel engine cowling was added, which provides better on-site protection and requires less repairs.

Genie has also been in update mode, with the redesign of its GTH-1056 telehandler, which it claims will lower total cost of ownership by 10% while delivering 20% more lift capacity at maximum and offer a 30% stronger design.

Genie recently redesigned GTH-1056 telehandler

The 5,000-lb capacity model has a maximum height of 56 ft, 7 in, and the 3,000-lb model has a maximum reach of 42 ft. The boom with mid-pivot point uses a single lift cylinder.

Owners can choose from three powertrain options to spec the GTH-1056 to their particular needs. In addition to the 120-HP Deutz engine with four-speed powershift transmission, Genie also offers a 74-HP Deutz Tier 4f engine with three-speed powershift transmission or with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

For rental applications, the 74-HP, DEF-free engine option is a low-maintenance solution. CVT delivers performance on par with the 120 HP engine, but with a lower purchase cost and better fuel efficiency. The 120-HP powershift, which delivers 23,110 lbs of drawbar and 18mph drive speed, is suitable for customers where maximum power and speed is needed every day.

JLG unveils SkyTrak models

JLG has introduced several new telehandler models into the North American market, namely the SkyTrak 3013 and 12054, as well as the 1075 and 2733 models. The SkyTrak models were introduced at the ARA Show 2019, while the 1075 was introduced at ConExpo 2020 and the 2733 was introduced the in April 2021.

The ultra-compact SkyTrak 3013 was built for use in small spaces requiring up-and-over reach. The SkyTrak 12054 is ideal for use in industrial and commercial construction applications. With a 12,000-lb capacity it is now the largest model in the SkyTrak line and comes with single joystick, an integrated hitch and boom-mounted lifting lug and tight turning radius.

Resulting from requests for a 10,000-lb class telehandler with greater height and reach, the 1075 features a 75-ft boom that can lift up to eight stories and offers a 60-ft reach. With its longer boom length the 1075 can achieve precision placement further into a building, effectively doubling the reach of a telehandler with a 55-ft boom.

Boasting a 26,600lb capacity the 2733 is highest capacity telehandler that JLG offers. The 33-ft lifting height and 8,000-lb capacity at maximum reach complements a two-speed hydrostatic transmission with optional ride control and boom float to improve load stability and smoother operation on uneven terrain.

Snorkel introduce their largest-ever telehandler

Snorkel launched its largest telehandler model to date, the new SR1065 diesel-powered model, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 in Las Vegas.

Snorkel CEO Matthew Elvin explained, “Telehandler operators can spend many hours of their working day inside the cab, so the design and ergonomics are important factors.

“Earlier this year, Snorkel expanded its cab options to include an open cab design for use in certain climates and environments that are now available on all Snorkel telehandler models.”

Pettibone has also focused on the 10,000-lb market, with its new T1056X the company’s first 10,000-lb capacity Traverse model in its X-Series line-up.

The T1056X has a lift height of 56-ft, 6-in with a matching landing height, while its traversing boom provides up to 70 inches of horizontal boom transfer, extending its maximum forward reach to 45ft, 10in.

According to Pettibone its drivetrain and axles have been re-engineered to provide greater tractive effort with minimal trade-off on top end speed. The unit offers full-time, four-wheel drive with limited-slip front axle differential. Turning radius comes in at 14ft, 4in.

The model also features a four-section boom, upon which overlap has been nearly doubled from previous models to provide smoother operation and reduce contact forces on wear pads, thereby extending service life.

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