ASV introduces its biggest CTL to date

By Jenny LescohierDecember 14, 2021

The RT-135F is powered by a Cummins engine boasting an industry-leading 132 horsepower

Compact equipment keeps getting less compact, with manufacturers introducing their biggest, most powerful models to date in response to a growing demand for big muscle in a (relatively) small package.

The latest example is the MAX-Series RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track loader from ASV. Featuring 10% more horsepower than its predecessor, ASV’s RT-120, the 12,990-lb RT-135F is designed to give operators the ability to maintain best-in-class machine performance while operating high-flow attachments.

ASV says that maximum power is paired with a premium operator experience, as the completely upgraded loader is part of the new MAX-Series lineup, with all the line’s comfort and ease-of-use features standard. Outfitted with forestry-rated guarding and safety features, the new machine is made for brushcutting, mulching, land clearing and other high-flow applications.

“Operators have been clamoring for a MAX-Series version of the RT-120, but we’re giving them something even better,” said Buck Storlie, ASV Holdings Inc. product manager. “We took all the comforts of the MAX-Series and combined them with a machine that’s faster, stronger, more productive, and is capable of keeping up with the ever-growing list of high-flow attachments used on today’s toughest jobs.”

The RT-135F is powered by a Cummins engine boasting an industry-leading 132 horsepower. That, combined with a 50-gpm maximum auxiliary flow - what ASV claims is the industry’s highest - and an oversized auxiliary pump capable of 66 gpm, allows the RT-135F to transfer more engine power to the attachment with no sacrifices to machine performance.

The extra 16 gpm within the pump means operators can run high-flow attachments, such as mulchers, at full speed while moving the loader without slowing down the tool. That directly translates to more productivity from the 50-gpm mulching head that is sold with the RT-135F. The attachment was developed with and is optimized for the machine.

The RT-135F features a 52-gallon fuel tank - 22 gallons more than the RT-120 - giving operators the ability to work a longer day without refueling.

Operators can lift more and be more productive with the RT-135F, thanks to its up to 4,150-lb rated operating capacity, 10-mph top speed and 10.4-foot lift height. Contractors can further boost the operating capacity and reinforce the back of the machine with an optional rear bumper kit that extends over the tracks.

The RT-135F brings the MAX-Series benefits to forestry applications to provide the best possible operator experience, ASV says. The new machine features the lineup’s premium 360-degree visibility. Standard LED lighting, optional side lighting and new taillights make it even easier to see around the outside of the machine.

A state-of-the-art 7-inch touch-screen display provides vital monitoring tools, displays the view from the backup camera, and integrates with service history and schedules. It also allows for service scheduling, job management, passcode operator lockout, idle time tracking and more. The in-cab experience is also enhanced through Bluetooth radio, allowing operators to listen to music and take calls wirelessly.

Intuitive operator controls benefit operators of all skill levels and a dual throttle option — a MAX-Series feature — allows operation at a set RPM with the joystick controls and the ability to increase the RPM with the foot throttle without the need to adjust the dial.

Contractors can match the RT-135F to their skill level and needs with advanced operator control customization. An upgraded drive control system can be adjusted to speed modes matching the operator’s experience level and preference. Operators can further optimize the machine for their attachment with adjustable high flow and flow sharing options.

The RT-135F’s undercarriage is upgraded for maximum performance under the additional weight. Redesigned torsion axles are 20% stronger than their predecessors, allowing the track to flex over obstacles and reduce impact to the operator and attachment. Reinforced wheel hubs and bearings enhance durability.

The stronger undercarriage retains its patented Posi-Track benefits. The RT-135F’s dedicated frame includes 15 inches of ground clearance, allowing it to travel over obstacles with less risk of getting caught.

ASV’s Posi-Track system features a flexible track and an open-rail and internal positive drive-sprocket undercarriage, allowing for more traction, longer wear life and faster, more convenient undercarriage cleaning. The loaders’ large number of ground contact points combine with the RT-135F’s 20-inch-wide tracks to spread the machine’s weight for a 4.6 psi ground pressure.

The low ground pressure allows more flotation and traction on steep, slippery and wet ground, and enhanced control and pushing capabilities. The wide, flexible track also maintains more contact with the ground than other designs, helping to virtually eliminate the risk of track derailment, ASV says.

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