Bobcat E10e excavator delivers electric power to the 1-ton class

By Larry StewartSeptember 14, 2022

Photo: Bobcat

Bobcat’s electric E10e mini excavator uses a lithium-ion battery to deliver shift-long power with access to work in confined spaces. The 2,600-pound E10e matches the performance of its 10-hp diesel counterpart – the E10 – and the power density and charging characteristics of its lithium-ion power source give the zero-swing-radius machine capacity to work a full day.

8 hours of power

It’s not straight-up eight hours of battery life. Bobcat says the E10e can continuously work for four hours on a single charge in standard working conditions. When plugged in during normal work breaks, its external 400V supercharger can charge the battery enough to keep the mini excavator working throughout the day. The supercharger can recharged to 80% of its capacity in less than 2 hours.

Photo: Bobcat

Sealed, maintenance-free lithium-ion cell technology suits this application because it does not suffer from the battery memory of some electrical storage technologies. Opportunity charging whenever it is convenient doesn’t reduce the storage capacity of the battery.

The lithium-ion system also does not suffer the reduced power that systems driven by lead-acid battery technology do when they are more than half discharged. An advanced battery-management system allows battery condition to be monitored remotely.

Equipment rental giant Sunbelt Rentals, with more than 1,050 locations across North America, is the first company to invest in a large fleet of Bobcat’s electric compact excavators and T7X all-electric compact track loaders. These electric construction machines are available for rent in California and at other U.S. locations.

“They are designed to deliver a smaller carbon footprint and a quieter jobsite experience but can also outperform their diesel machine counterparts,” said Joel Honeyman, vice president of global innovation at Bobcat.

While specifications are comparable between the diesel and electric versions, the electric motors deliver full torque, regardless of rpm, providing smooth hydraulic control and on-demand multifunction performance with no noticeable power drop.

Go-anywhere power
Photo: Bobcat

The new E10e has the same zero-tail-swing profile and external dimensions as the diesel E10 machine and the same access and transport advantages. Retractable undercarriage reduces its width to only 28 inches. Patented side-adjustable consoles that accommodate hydraulic pilot pressure controlled joysticks allow the operator to adjust the width of the consoles to fit through narrow openings, and then expand the distance between the joystick consoles/armrests to enjoy the comfort of a much larger machine.

The E10e’s minimal width enables excellent maneuverability in confined spaces, and the undercarriage can be expanded to more than 43 inches for working stability.

Stick digging force is 1,250 pounds, and its triple gear pump generates auxiliary flow of 5.3 gpm at 2,760 psi.

The E10e has a maximum dig depth and maximum dump height just shy of six feet.

Durability matters

Components on the E10e have been optimized for work in harsh environments. Electrohydraulic powertrain components are fully sealed, designed for durability in construction-equipment work.

As the new machine is designed to be used in demanding indoor applications such as breaker work in demolition, it is equipped with auxiliary lines and an oil cooler system with the capacity for continuous hydraulic breaker operation. Cooling system capacity has been increased to meet extended demolition work.

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