Bobcat’s new S86 and T86 are their most powerful skid steers ever

By Larry StewartSeptember 26, 2022

Bobcat T86 compact track loader Photo: Bobcat

The new S86 skid steer is the most powerful Bobcat has ever built, with 3,400 pounds of operating capacity at 50% of tipping load, and the T86 now tops the Bobcat compact track loader line at 5,430 pounds of capacity. The new top end of Bobcat’s compact loaders is among the five largest loader capacities at half of tipping load for skid steers and compact track loaders on the market. And thew new Bobcats make the most auxiliary-hydrualic horsepower available (see the spec comparisons below).  

Bobcat boosted horsepower for the T86 and S86 to 105 while optimizing machine weight. The result is greater lifting capacity along with nimble maneuverability for fast cycle times. Bobcat’s engine emissons solution meets Tier 4 regulations without a diesel particulate filter.

Super attachment power

The new Bobcat loaders have capacity for three different hydraulic-flow options in one machine, setting a new industry benchmark in attachment versatility.

The three hydraulic flow options are:

  • Standard Flow (23.0 gpm, 3,500 psi) (Standard) - Select standard flow to operate attachments that require lower hydraulic horsepower.
  • High Flow (36.6 gpm, 3,500 psi) (Optional) - This system provides additional hydraulic power to boost production of attachments like the Bobcat flail cutter, trencher, planer and stump grinder.
  • Super Flow (42 gpm, 4,061 psi) (Optional) - Tackle the most demanding attachment applications, including pavement milling and clearing land of trees and heavy brush, with attachments designed specifically for super-flow hydraulics.
Bobcat S86 skid steer loader Photo: Bobcat

Other brands’ specialty track loaders will lift more, such as Caterpillar’s 299D3 XE Land Management at 6,200 pounds operating capacity, Deere’s 333G Smartgrade at 5,515 pounds, and ASV RT-135 Forestry to 5,929 pounds. But only the ASV Forestry offers more hydraulic power – with maximum flow of 50 gpm at 4,060 psi – than Bobcat’s new standard models.

Also setting the T86 and S86 apart is Bobcat’s exclusive Premium Power Performance, a power management system that distributes power more efficiently through a Bobcat-exclusive electronic displacement-control pump to the work group on loaders equipped with high-flow and super-flow hydraulics. It provides more power where and when it’s needed for multitasking when there’s already a big auxiliary-flow demand online.

“With these compact loaders delivering more usable engine and hydraulic horsepower than ever before, we are empowering customers to accomplish even more,” said Jorge De Hoyos, Bobcat senior product manager for loaders.

Bobcat T86 compact track loader Photo: Bobcat

Bobcat engineers its attachments to be fully integrated with the carrier’s electronics, hydraulics and geometry to get maximum work efficiency from tasks. With the optional upgrade to super-flow hydraulics, these new 80-platform loaders offer more attachment versatility than ever.

Several attachments require control of more than one function, and Bobcat’s small, seven-pin attachment harness activates power and fingertip control functions while eliminating the need for the mechanical relays used on other loaders.

High-production loaders

Bobcat did more than just turn up the power on these machines. Cast-steel lift arm sections support their increased lifting capabilities. Dual-direction bucket positioning, an R Series feature that holds the bucket at a consistent angle throughout the lift cycle, is standard equipment.

More standard, high-production equipment includes:

  • Automatic ride control
  • Rearview camera
  • Two-speed travel
  • One-piece, sealed and pressurized cab
  • A simple, non-DPF emissions solution
  • Enhanced workgroup response and drive response
  • Automatic heat and air conditioning
Bobcat S86 skid steer loader Photo: Bobcat

The solid-mounted Bobcat track-loader undercarriage reduces the number of moving parts to simplify maintenance and stabilize the loader and work group. Bobcat says it delivers the best possible grading performance. An optional five-link torsion suspension undercarriage is designed for the best combination of comfort and work performance. The triple-flange rear idler on the T86 solidly holds and guides the track belt to minimize de-tracking.

Durability enhancements

Bobcat’s R-Series loaders feature a larger, higher-capacity radiator and a reversible cooling fan that is about twice the size of traditional fans. Pulling more cool air in through the tailgate at slower speeds makes the fan more efficient and quieter.

High-flow models come with hydraulic hose and tubelines increased from ¾-inch to 1-inch diameter.

Bobcat’s direct-drive system puts engine power where it’s needed in a drive train that reduces and simplifies routine maintenance. Belts do not require adjustment. The new fuel filter lasts longer and is easier to monitor and change, and a new lift pump and self-priming fuel system gets refueled machines up and running fast.

Specialty models such as Caterpillar’s 299D3 XE Land Management pushes operating capacity to 6,200 pounds, Deere’s 333G Smartgrade to 5,515 pounds, and ASV RT-135 Forestry to 5,929 pounds. Only the ASV Forestry offers more hydraulic power -- max flow of 50 gpm at 4,060 psi -- than Bobcat’s new standard models. Table: CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365
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