Brokk introduces new three-model ‘smart’ demolition lineup

By Paige HaeffeleMarch 01, 2022

Brokk has released three demolition robots that feature the SmartConcept system designed to allow operators to experience improved performance and uptime.

New models include the 110, 120DII and the 520D. The 110 is the smallest of the three, a 2,183-lb electric-powered machine featuring an industry-leading power-to-weight ratio for heavy-duty demolition in a compact footprint. The 120DII is the smallest diesel-powered machine in the group, while the 520D provides a heavy-hitting, eco-friendly option for the demolition, construction and tunneling industries.

SmartConcept consists of three features: SmartPower, SmartDesign and SmartRemote. SmartPower is an intelligent electrical system that offers optimized performance based on power supply quality and ambient temperature for more reliable uptime.

In addition to SmartPower, all three models also come with SmartDesign, which enhances operation of the machine through easy maintenance features and a hardened exterior. Finally, the machines have Brokk’s SmartRemote concept, which is an ergonomic control system for maximized worker comfort while using the machine.

With its compact size, the 110 offers contractors working smaller jobs to benefit from the SmartConcept technology.

“The Brokk 110 represents 45 years of constant innovation at Brokk,” said Jeff Keeling, Brokk’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Its SmartPower system offers customers heightened reliability and durability to ensure increased productivity and safety on the job site.”

Brokk’s compact 110 model, weighing in at 2,183 lbs with a 10-ft reach

At 31-inches wide, the compact Brokk 110 machine and its attachments fit easily through standard doors and inside passenger elevators.

With its low floor load, the machine is able to maneuver in otherwise inaccessible areas, such as stairwells or elevators. Its compact size is designed for a variety of applications, from top-down demolition and interior strip-outs to selective concrete removal.

Despite a small footprint, it includes a 10-foot reach, providing a power-to-weight ratio for work in restricted spaces and on weak floors.

All models in the new line are compatible with Brokk Connect 2.0, an online platform that simplifies control and care with precise information about every activity and service requirement.

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