Continental launches new telehandler, compact loader tire

By Riley SimpsonOctober 27, 2021

According to Continental, the CompactMaster EM’s tire protects against punctures and is designed to withstand the lateral forces of stationary turns

Continental is introducing the CompactMaster EM, a new telehandler and compact loader tire.

Designed for both the construction and agriculture industries, the CompactMaster EM features new Turtle Shield tread technology and twisted steel cord, and the combination of the hard shell and more flexible steel wire design helps prevent cuts and damages while offering greater stability.

“The CompactMaster EM is specifically designed to help operators handle demanding rough conditions,” said Benjamin Hübner, product line manager of Agricultural Tires at Continental Commercial Specialty Tires.

A common issue with telehanders and compact loaders is that they make stationary turns on hard surfaces, which increases the lateral pressure on the tire.

According to Hübner, the twisted steel cord construction protects the tire shoulder area from damage like cuts and penetration from foreign objects.

The tire has a higher amount of rubber with a finely structured block to offer better mileage and easier stationary turns.

The manufacturer said the CompactMaster EM tire is ideal for vehicles that work on paved surfaces, asphalt, sand and gravel.

Continental, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, designed the new tread pattern to withstand the lateral forces of stationary turns making it more resistant, and the CompactMaster EM can also reach an operating speed of 31 mph.

“The ability to travel at higher speeds offers the potential to save valuable time,” Hübner said.

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