Doosan -7 Series mini excavators now available in U.S. dealerships

By Jenny LescohierApril 20, 2022

Adding a new size class to the North American lineup, the Doosan DX27Z-7 includes a new rearview camera that allows operators to navigate a full 360 degrees on job sites

They’re here. Doosan’s new -7 Series mini excavators are now available through dealers in the U.S. and Canada.

Doosan Infracore North America teased its all-new line of next-generation minis with the 5-ton DX50Z-7 on display at World of Concrete last January. The current launch includes four new models, with more mini excavators to be announced in the coming months.

Designed and manufactured by Doosan, these new models are equipped with Doosan engines and diagnostics. The first four excavator models include the zero tail swing DX27Z-7, DX35Z-7 and DX50Z-7, as well as the reduced tail swing DX55R-7. 

“This is a significant milestone for Doosan as we bring an all-new lineup of mini excavators to North America,” says Aaron Kleingartner, product and dealer marketing manager. “A few years ago, we expanded our mini excavator offering and the response from our dealers and customers was very positive.

“Now we can provide a Doosan-designed family of mini excavators from 2.7 metric tons up to approximately 9.0 metric tons to match our customers’ needs.”

Kleingartner said the machines are designed for optimum versatility with features focused on attachment usage.

“We’ve got standard hydraulics for running a hydraulic coupler, which is optional, but it’s easy to add to the machine,” he explained. “We also offer secondary auxiliaries as standard equipment, to be able to plug and play and be ready to go.

“There are other options available to run more complex attachments, such as rotate kits to run a rotating grapple, if the customer chooses.”

Customers can get more productivity from the -7 Series mini excavators thanks to an increase in counterweight, according to Doosan. Integrated into the excavator design, the additional counterweight enhances the excavator’s structural durability while enabling offset digging without the need to reposition the machine.

Lift-over-side capacity is also enhanced because of the machines’ integrated counterweight design. 

A long arm design is available as an option for select new models. The longer arm provides operators with greater reach, dump height and dig depth, and operators don’t need to reposition the machine as often, which improves productivity.

Adding a new size class to the North American lineup, the 24.7-hp, 6,171-lb DX27Z-7 includes features brand new to line, including a rearview camera that allows operators to navigate a full 360 degrees on job sites. Other features include a 3-foot 7-inch standard-thumb-ready arm and an 11.8-inch rubber track undercarriage.

Doosan first announced it’s new line of mini excavators last fall, when it also released it’s first-ever dozer, the 122-hp DD100. In other company news, Doosan recently introduced seven models of the new Doosan -7 Series wheel loaders.

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