Drone-on-demand mobile app available for construction and more

By Jenny LescohierJuly 05, 2022

Few can argue the convenience of the growing “on-demand” economy, where you get what you need, where and when you need it. It’s usually for things like a ride, or groceries and take-out, but now you can order a commercial drone just like you order a pizza.

Three years ago when Barry Alexander first brainstormed the idea of creating an Uber-like app for everyday civilians and businesses alike to order drone services, the global economy was running smoothly. The stock markets were booming, domestic unemployment was virtually non-existent, and the US drone industry was growing at a rapid rate.

Fast forward to 2022 and the picture looks much different. America is still managing the delays brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken its toll on all industries, including the commercial drone sector. But signs of positive changes abound.

Today, the Connecticut-based drone services provider, Aquiline Drones Corporation (AD), announced it has launched an introductory version of the original app that aims change the way business owners and consumers access and utilize drone services. Similar to Uber and Lyft, the Aquiline Drone-on-Demand (ADoD) app is now available for downloads on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets through Google Play Store and Apple IOS.

How does the drone-on-demand app work?

Users download the ADoD app from Google Play Store or Apple IOS.

They are prompted to set-up a user profile.

A list of available drone services for both consumer and business use is displayed.

Users can order their specific drone service for personal or commercial use.

The job request is vetted for legality and practicality, then matched with a certified and trained drone service provider (DSP), the majority of whom are graduates of Aquiline’s Flight-to-the-Future drone pilot training academy. These DSPs live in the vicinity of the customer’s location and are able to perform the service. With this beta launch, customers can get their requests completed within 30 days. Over time, the period from job request to execution will be significantly shortened to become true ‘on-demand.’

Alexander highlights that the new ADoD app takes a “crawl-walk-run approach,” and readily offers many semi-autonomous operations that don’t involve surveillance or raise privacy concerns from consumers. For example, some of the available services on the ADoD app for businesses and consumers, include:

  • Utilities inspections, including power lines, pipelines and wind turbines
  • Heavy assets inspections, including bridges, tunnels, construction sites and railroad tracks
  • Consumer services including rooftop inspections, aerial photography and videography
  • Agriculture services, such as seeding, spraying and hydrating crops and other precision farming activities
  • Spray washing buildings, solar panels, homes, roofs and gutters
  • Fumigation of mosquitoes, bugs and other pests around homes and buildings
  • Tracking wildlife, beach patrol and other natural environments
  • Sanitation of stadiums, concert halls and other outdoor, wide area, public facilities
  • Aerial photography and videography for weddings, real estate and marketing purposes

“The ADoD app is really the entry point into our company’s entire ecosystem of drone products, offerings and services,” adds Alexander. “We envision a world in which full value of commercial drone applications can be ushered into society to help save lives, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and drive sustainability. We believe in accomplishing these ends in a manner that is ethical and responsible. AD is excited to help make that vision a reality across our nation.”

Future versions of the ADoD app will be released in line with the overall UAV industry especially as autonomous drone use develops. Plans include voice-activated commands, live interfaces between the user and the drone during flight, and artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted object recognition.

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