First buyer to take delivery says all-electric Ford F-150 is ‘fast’

By Jenny LescohierJune 22, 2022

First buyer to take delivery of the Lightning reported it’s just as powerful and dependable as a conventional F-150, but the acceleration is unlike anything he’s ever experienced in a truck

The results are in. The first Ford F-150 Lightning has been delivered to a buyer, who reports the all-electric version of the iconic pickup performs on par with traditional gas-powered models… with maybe a bit more speed.

“It’s fast,” Nick Schmidt told NPR. “I mean, for a big, full-sized pickup truck, it’ll do, I think, zero to 60 in 4.2 seconds or something, which is unheard of.”

Schmidt, who lives on a family farm in Standish, MI said he ordered the truck after it was announced in May of last year.

“When the dealership called me, they were just as excited as I was,” he was quoted. “I remember coming up to the parking lot, and they were all, like, gathered around. Everybody came outside.”

When he first climbed into his new F-150 Lightning, he said it felt familiar right away: It had the same look and feel of his gas-powered F-150.

“It was exactly what I wanted it to be, just a Ford pickup truck,” said Schmidt, who’s already used it to haul dirt and lumber around, as well as to tow his Airstream.

According to reports, Schmidt said the Lightning is just as powerful and dependable as his conventional F-150, but the acceleration is unlike anything he’s ever experienced in a truck.

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