Hexagon pushes reality capture to next level with new Leica BLK360

By Jenny LescohierJune 22, 2022

Compared to its predecessor, the BLK360 is smaller, for greater portability, and simpler to operate

Hexagon aims to make reality capture faster and easier with the introduction of its new 3D laser scanner, the Leica BLK360, which it says can create photorealistic, accurate digital twins in just 20 seconds.

The introduction and live demonstration of the BLK360 was a highlight of HxGN Live Global 2022, a construction technology conference held June 20-23 in Las Vegas.

The newest addition to the Leica BLK series, introduced in 2016, the new model is designed for any application requiring fast, up-to-date scanning, such as digital construction and building lifecycle monitoring.

It enables users to move quickly about any environment without interruption, viewing and sharing the data during the capture process to provide real-time access to updated digital twins.

Compared to its predecessor, the BLK360 is smaller, for greater portability, and simpler to operate. It utilizes Hexagon’s BLK2GO Live app which automatically gathers data and stores it in the cloud where it can be shared instantaneously by all stakeholders.

“We continue to bring speed and agility to reality capture to accelerate the world’s sustainable transformation with Smart Digital Realities that free industry to do its best work,” says Ola Rollen, Hexagon president and CEO.

“When you have an up-to-date, 1:1 digital twin of reality fused with infinite, real-time data from the physical and digital worlds, you gain ubiquitous access to invaluable insight.”

He adds, “Not only can this save time but also eliminate human error to improve safety and reduce waste.”

Safety and waste reduction were two of the predominant themes at HxGN Live.

“If reality capture can continue to keep up, or even outpace, the needs of modern industry while also improving sustainability, everyone wins,” continued Rollén.

The BLK360 accelerates Hexagon’s portfolio of sensor-software systems, which form the basis for creating Smart Digital Realities by fusing the digital and physical worlds, in real-time.

Depending on project scope and size, a BLK360 user could save days or weeks of project time with rapid scanning, pre-registered data and high-speed transfer to preferred software workflows, according to the company.

BLK360 data can also be automatically uploaded to HxDR, Hexagon’s cloud-based reality capture platform where users can build their own Smart Digital Realities.

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