Hitachi introduces ZX190LC-7 mid-size excavator for price-conscious buyers

By Jenny LescohierMarch 14, 2023

Hitachi introduces the ZX190LC-7 mid-size excavator at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas

Hitachi’s new 43,652-lb. ZX190LC-7 mid-size excavator bridges a gap in the company’s product line, offering what the manufacturer says is high-end performance and efficiency at a lower price point.

The new model fills in between the existing 29,463-lb. ZX160LC-7 and the 49,833-lb. ZX210LC-7 models. It offers a 23-foot, 2-inch maximum digging depth and 28,551-lb. bucket breakout force. 

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) recognizes the need to add the ZX190LC-7 to its line of full-sized excavators to meet customer demand,” said Patrick Baker, product manager, medium and large excavators, Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc., noting the model is aimed at price-conscious buyers, such as smaller owner-operators and rental businesses.

“HCMA is focused on fine-tuning and enhancing the core capabilities of all ZAXIS-7 excavators to maximize efficiency so you get more for less,” Baker said. “This machine is going to provide great performance, but it’s going to be significantly cheaper in price.

“Because of the way the industry is evolving, you either have an owner-operator that’s really focused on price or you’re buying fleets of equipment where it’s all about performance and efficiency. We’ve tried to combine those things. We’re looking to be very aggressive with the price tag.”

The new machine features the HIOS IV hydraulic system, which allows operators to ‘tune’ the machine to their preference.

“You can now set and tune the speed of your arm, your bucket and your swing,” he explained. “It’s very customized and very operator friendly.”

He added, “With the HIOS IV, you’ll see a 5% to 10% reduction in fuel consumption. The efficiency is really off the charts.”

On the ZX190LC-7, the system produces a maximum flow rating of 100 gallons per minute. Attachment, arm and swing priority can be adjusted on the monitor to match the attachment or the operator’s preference.

Just one year ago, Hitachi parted ways with its long-term partner, John Deere. The two companies went their separate ways in 2022 after a decades-long manufacturing and supply relationship, and now Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas aims to set itself - and its machines - apart

One of the ways it’s doing that is through engine choice, for example. The new ZX190LC-7 is powered by a 143-hp Yanmar engine (no longer Isuzu). The Yanmar power system features economy, power and high-power modes to best match available power to the working conditions, Baker said, while an auto idle system with auto shutdown control prevents wasted fuel.

“The HCMA product and engineering team prioritizes listening to customers and find ways to give them what they need. Customers are demanding a comfortable operator environment that reduces fatigue. The ZAXIS-7 excavators deliver,” said Baker.

A larger cab includes a one-touch dual adjustable seat and console. Low-effort pilot controls reduce operator strain. For convenience, switches have been collectively installed on the right side with easy access to those frequently used.

The quiet cab features four fluid-filled elastic mounts that reduce vibration when travelling. An 8-inch anti-glare LCD monitor provides visibility, even in bright surroundings. The new monitor features a Bluetooth radio. The operator can listen to music and make calls from the cab hands free, improving productivity and safety. Long-lasting LED lights provide visibility in challenging conditions.

Designing cabs with panoramic visibility helps create a safe and comfortable working environment. Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. takes this a step further with its Aerial Angle peripheral vision camera system. It provides a wide 270-degree bird’s-eye view of the machine’s immediate environment. The operator can quickly and easily select the view on the monitor that best suits the situation. A rear-view camera allows the operator to see the area right below the counterweight.

Durability of the ZX190LC-7 undercarriage has been enhanced with a strengthened X beam. An anti-mud-compaction lower roller design helps prevent mud from entering and damaging the oil seals. The upper and lower rollers also feature improved idler sealing.

The ZX190LC-7 features a strong boom design. For durability, the bushings are installed in the brackets at the boom end and the boom foot.

Simplified daily maintenance and enhanced durability features keep operators right where they need to be — up and running. Wide-open engine covers provide access for maintenance, while filters are within easy reach and take just minutes to maintain. Access to the radiator has been improved to make cleaning easier.

Several enhancements keep dirt and dust out of vital components. A spin-on type fuel filter prevents dust from entering the fuel circuit during maintenance. An inner element of the engine air filter protects the engine from dust ingress while cleaning the outer element. Even the air conditioner is protected with an internal filter with seal that prevents dust from entering the air conditioner unit.

Tracking maintenance is simplified with the multifunctional monitor. It indicates preset maintenance intervals each time the key is turned on. Engine oil and coolant levels can be conveniently checked right from the operator’s seat.

Using telematic tools to monitor machine health helps boost uptime. ConSite, which remotely monitors operational status and alerts owners and operators to upcoming maintenance needs, is making a leap forward.

“ConSite OIL actively checks engine and hydraulic oil, along with other parameters, so you can see a problem before it’s even a fault code. This increases operator uptime,” notes Baker.

An optional feature, ConSite OIL monitors engine and hydraulic oil conditions to proactively catch issues before any fault codes are triggered in the machine. This helps drive uptime by catching oil degradation before damage to critical systems can occur. This allows operators to focus on the work that needs to be done.

ConSite Air is a new standard add-on that allows the excavator to be diagnosed remotely. ConSite Air also allows remote updates of the software. No matter where a machine is located, the servicing dealer can remotely diagnose issues that may arise, leading to increased uptime. The ConSite response team is on standby to rapidly resolve issues as they emerge.

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