How Safe Site Check-In is expanding its construction app’s features

By Riley SimpsonJune 30, 2021

Safe Site Check-In, which celebrated its one-year anniversary this month, has launched new advanced reporting and collaboration features

Safe Site Check-In, which celebrated its one-year anniversary this month, has announced new advanced reporting and collaboration features for its construction job site app.

The company also announced its alignment with the U.S. Department of Commerce for Overseas Expansion as Safe Site Check-In nets customers in Canada and Australia while accelerating international growth.

The app, which has helped contractors on job sites stay compliant with CDC and OSHA regulations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, helps construction companies save hours of time each week previously spent manually entering sign-in information, conducting contact tracing and health screening, managing workers, supervising projects and reconciling reports and invoices, according to Safe Site Check-In.

Using a QR-code, workers and visitors sign in, verify their identity and securely answer health questions based on company, state, or federal guidelines.

“Safe Site Check-In is a critical safety tool that we’ll continue to use long after the pandemic,” said Kasey Duffy, senior business analyst at Pepper Construction. “It’s simple to use yet offers a powerful way to manage job sites and teams. Knowing who is or was on your job site is vital information for safety, compliance and liability protection.”

The latest app updates include weekly reports containing activities and hours worked by subcontractor, employee and project via daily log automation. Safe Site Check-In said this provides general contractors, project managers, supervisors and office administrators with an easier way to manage people, productivity and profitability while identifying potential issues before they impact the project.

The new features also allow supervisors to upload pictures and videos from a job site and take advantage of speech-to-text functionality to capture notes while the job is underway – and the information and annotations are uploaded through a secure cloud for collaboration between the field and office.

Setting up for post-pandemic life, Safe Site Check-In has added features such as multi-language support, customized entry and exit questions, and verifying views of compliance and training videos and content.

According to the company, the app has supported more than 1 million check-ins at more than 500 construction job sites and offices over the past 12 months, and its customers include large construction businesses and real estate developers Bond and Toll Brothers, as well as small- to medium-sized general contractors Premier Structures, Overaa and Windover.

“We started Safe Site Check-In during one of 2020’s most challenging times,” said David Ward, CEO and founder of the company. “Our mission was to safely enable critical businesses to stay open without putting employees or visitors at risk of contracting and spreading Covid-19.”

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