John Deere introduces 350 P-tier and 380 P-tier mid-size excavators

By Jenny LescohierMarch 16, 2022

John Deere 350 P-tier and 380 P-tier excavators are the first machines to launch as part of the company’s new Performance Tiering strategy

John Deere introduces two revamped mid-size excavators available with Smartgrade technology as well as enhanced 270-degree visbility.

The John Deere 350 P-tier and 380 P-tier excavators are the first machines to launch as part of the company’s new Performance Tiering strategy which is designed to provide options targeted to the varying needs of different customers.

“Our goal in enhancing the 350 P-tier and 380 P-tier is to address the needs of operators by creating a comfortable and technologically advanced machine that can make their job easier,” said Justin Steger, solutions marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “With improved fuel economy and enhanced visibility, these machine benefits will provide operators with higher productivity, increased uptime and lower daily operating costs.”

P-tier models, such as these two excavators, are designed to be counted on to produce at high levels, day in and day out. Advanced features deliver performance, efficiency, comfort and service life in demanding, high-production applications. X-tier machines are built with the most innovative John Deere technology and features while G-tier models models are practically equipped and economical. 

Manufactured in Kernersville, NC, the newly enhanced 350 P-tier and 380 P-tier excavators were designed to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, comfort and service life in demanding, high-production application, according to John Deere. Both machines produce 271 hp and dig to a maximum depth of 26 ft. 10 in. The 350 has an operating weight of 80,985 lbs while the 380 weighs in at 85,462 lbs.

Both excavators offer SmartGrade technology as a factory option and field upgrade kits. Customers can choose from 2D guidance, 3D guidance, 2D SmartGrade Ready Control, and SmartGrade 3D Control. These grade management options allow customers to choose a level of technology that’s right for them with the ability to upgrade as their business grows.

Overdig protect limits the bucket’s cutting edge from going below the target design surface.

Visibility around the machines has been improved with the option of a right, rear and left camera system with LED surround lighting that provides enhanced 270-degree visibility and is integrated into the primary display in the cab.

Both machines come standard with front LED work lights. Owner/operators also have the option of a heated air suspension seat, premium leather heated and cooled seat, additional deluxe LED work lights, as well as cold weather and debris packages for those who tackle jobs in any weather condition.

Outside the cab, both models are equipped with a new, larger hood design and better serviceability. Each cooler is individually removable, and operators or technicians have easier access within the compartment.

In an effort to lower daily operating costs, the machines’ fuel economy is up 7% compared to previous models via electric on-demand cooling fans that reduce engine load, in-line after treatment for less restriction and system complexity, along with increased front piping diameter to cut down hydraulic restriction.

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