John Deere’s new large wheel loaders offer tech advantages

By Catrin Jones and Jenny LescohierOctober 12, 2022

All P-tier loaders include a standard lockup torque converter that adds additional torque during operation and increases shift quality

John Deere introduces its lineup of large wheel loaders as part of its Performance Tiering Strategy.

Available in the U.S. and Canada, the 744 P-tier, 824 P-tier, 844 P-tier, and the new 904 P-tier wheel loaders are said to offer advanced productivity features, increased job site reliability, operator comfort and enhanced serviceability to help improve machine uptime.

Just last month, Deere introduced the 644 G-tier wheel loader to the U.S. market and the 544 G-tier model to Canada as part of its performance tiering strategy. 

All P-tier loaders include a standard lockup torque converter that adds additional torque during operation and increases shift quality. In addition, the 744 P-tier and 824 P-tier models feature ground-level servicing, including a remote engine oil dipstick and improved electrical and hydraulic routing.

“Whether the machines are working at the face or loading trucks, John Deere customers can be confident that the P-tier machines will provide exceptional performance all day – even in the most rugged applications,” said Luke Gribble, solutions marketing manager at John Deere.

”Building upon the improvements introduced on the L-series loaders in 2019, the P-tier models incorporate even more technology advancements, providing our customers with a line of dependable and strong wheel loaders to meet the demands of the aggregates industry.”

John Deere says all P-tier wheel loader models also include technology options such as an Advanced Vision System and an Advanced Obstacle Detection System for improved visibility and increased situational awareness.

The new higher-resolution digital cameras, dedicated display and escalating audible alerts inform operators when obstacles are in the path of their machine. This feature also overlays a projected vehicle reversible path within the same dedicated monitor, enhancing the operator’s experience and control.

JDLink connectivity is offered as a standard feature on the P-tier Wheel Loader models, enabling machine communications and remote support from dealers. These features are coupled with premium cab comfort options and included visibility enhancements.

John Deere launched its Performance Tiering Strategy in 2021 to deliver a range of products at different levels of capability and user experience. Available first on the wheel loader lineup, the tiering strategy provides machines built for various applications and jobs, and at different price points. There are three tiers of machines — G tier, P tier and X tier. 

P-tier models, such as those mentioned here, are designed to be counted on to produce at high levels, day in and day out. Advanced features deliver performance, efficiency, comfort and service life in demanding, high-production applications.

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