John Deere’s new scraper tech gathers operation and productivity data in real time

By Paige HaeffeleApril 13, 2022

John Deere's Earthmoving Productivity System automatically saves all gathered data, allowing contractors to bid jobs and monitor productivity more accurately

John Deere’s new Earthmoving Productivity System for scrapers is designed to enhance measurement accuracy of volume loaded in real time.

The Earthmoving Productivity System also provides advanced data on the machine, such as total fuel burn and wheel slip. Data is transferred directly to the JDLink Dashboard, via JDLink Connectivity, enabling increased accuracy for job bidding and billing.

Additionally, the system’s 3D camera provides video feed directly inside the scraper pan, enhancing operator visibility to the material loaded into the scraper, all while calculating the yardage being loaded in real time. The calculated yardage is shown to the operator during every pass, added up after each cycle and is saved to show daily productivity to help improve operator performance and increase efficiency.

This system’s visual display also allows operators to view products being loaded into the scraper even when the view might otherwise be obstructed, enabling operators to maintain focus on what is in front of them, enhancing job site safety.

“Customers in site development can now further manage their cost per yard and especially benefit by maximizing trip capacity and preventing spillage,” said Justin Steger, solutions marketing manager, John Deere. “This technology can be a game changer for customers completing scraping and earthmoving projects, and once integrated on the job, will become a critical system for operators.”

Available for installation on single, double, or triple scraper systems, the Earthmoving Productivity System can be retrofitted on all D-Series Scrapers. This system is also compatible with select John Deere Scraper Special Tractors (2015 or newer), including the 9R, 9RT and 9RX models.

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