John Deere upgrades GP motor graders with exclusive automation

By Larry StewartOctober 11, 2022

Photo: John Deere

John Deere has been adding exclusive automation features to its Grade Pro (GP)–Series motor graders to enhance operators’ productivity and confidence. Auto-Pass and Auto-Shift PLUS were added to Machine Damage Avoidance and exclusive Blade-Stow features to make automate repetitive functions.

Matt Goedert, solutions marketing manager at John Deere points out the grader line’s history of innovation with introduction of the industry’s first mastless 3D grade control system in 2019. “Fast forward to today, and we’re still striving to deliver industry-leading capabilities that allow any operator — new or experienced — to work more efficiently on the job site.”

The Auto-Pass feature programs motor grader movements at the beginning and end of grading passes. While adjusting the speed of these movements and rotating the blade 180 degrees, the machine will simultaneously place the blade on the ground while preparing for the next pass. Available as an option on the GP-Series models and standard on the SmartGrade motor graders, this feature can also be programmed to raise and rotate the blade at the end of a grading pass, mirroring the finished angle.

Building on the success of Deere’s AutoShift transmission, Auto-Shift PLUS removes the need for using the inching pedal. The operator gets increased control of the machine using just the throttle and brake. Auto-Shift PLUS allows for the machine to come to a complete stop without stalling, helping reduce fatigue while cutting smoothly around obstacles or structures.

Another standard feature now included on all GP-Series machines is Configurable Float. With this feature, float switches can be programmed to control any auxiliary function, allowing programming of up to three float switches through the monitor, which adds versatility in applications where auxiliary functions are used often.

SmartGrade Remote Support is now a standard feature on the SmartGrade motor graders, connecting the dealer to the machine electronically. The dealer can troubleshoot machine issues and update grade control software from the dealership, reducing downtime. SmartGrade Remote Support also enables the equipment users to transfer project files to the machine from remote locations, eliminating the need to visit the machine in person.

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