Kubota’s new electronically controlled engine promises zero black smoke

By Lewis Tyler and Jenny LescohierNovember 01, 2022

The new D902-K is a 0.898-litre three-cylinder, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine in a vertical configuration

Kubota Engine introduces the D902-K, an electronically controlled small diesel engine developed to comply with the latest emission regulations around the world. The company said it produces zero visible black smoke.

In addition to EPA Tier 4 (North America), Stage V (Europe), and China IV standards (scheduled to come into effect in December 2022), the engine delivers “smokeless” operation to comply with the most stringent of China’s national smoke regulations, Category III.

The new D902-K is a 0.898-litre three-cylinder, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine in a vertical configuration. Weighing 72 kg, power output is between 13.4 and 18.5 kW, while torque ranges from 55.2 to 56.1 Nm.

According to Kubota Engine, black smoke emissions can be reduced to an invisible level during start-up, acceleration and sudden load due to the new TVCR combustion system, which combines the original E-TVCS combustion system with a unique common rail developed specifically for small engines.

While maintaining its compact size and ease of installation, the system contributes to clean exhaust gas, low fuel consumption and highly efficient operations, as well as ICT needs such as automation, unmanned operations and hybridization.

Kubota says the new D902-K facilitates easy model upgrades because it has the same external dimensions, air intake and exhaust positions, engine mount position and PTO (power take-off) as the current model. 

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