Kubota unveils stronger first model in its next-generation compact track loader line

By Larry StewartMarch 23, 2023

The new SVL75-3 has a rated operating capacity of 2,490 pounds at 35% or 3,557 lbs. at 50% of tipping load. (Photo: Kubota Tractor Corp.)

Kubota Tractor replaced its SVL75-2 compact track loader with the SVL75-3. It’s diesel engine is still rated at 74.3 horsepower, but tuned up with greater peak torque. The new SVL75-3 has a rated operating capacity of 2,490 pounds at 35% or 3,557 lbs. at 50% of tipping load, 6,191 pounds of breakout force and a hinge pin height of 122.7 inches.

The SVL75-3 will bring a range of performance, comfort and productivity improvements to authorized Kubota dealerships beginning in May 2023.

“The new SVL75-3 really raises the bar for Kubota’s compact track loader line with the introduction of the first model in the -3 series,” said Jerry Corder, Kubota product manager, construction equipment. “With a wide range of performance and functionality improvements over its predecessor, and standard technology features included in the cab, operators are going to work faster and more efficiently on the jobsite.”

Hydraulic and travel upgrades
The SVL75 track loader comes standard with a new 7-inch color LCD touch-panel monitor that also displays the rear camera view. (Photo: Kubota Tractor Corp.)

The SVL75-3’s hydraulic system features an Advanced Multifunction Valve (AMV) that helps smooth multi-function movements of all hydraulic functions when operated simultaneously, allowing operators to run auxiliary hydraulics, bucket and loader arm functions at the same time with a lower risk of stalling.

The Electronic Travel Torque Management System is designed to enable operators to work faster and with more power by constantly monitoring load on the compact track loader to optimally match hydraulic-pump output to the load, reducing engine stalls for smoother operation even in the toughest conditions.

Updated travel features include faster two-speed travel and the Advanced Auto Downshift system from Kubota compact excavators that automatically downshifts from high to low gear while making turns. The system provides the maximum amount of torque needed when exiting a turn. Operators also can change the loader’s travel-response sensitivity with the choice of three track settings: mild, normal and quick.

One-piece sealed cab

The SVL75-3 showcases Kubota’s new one-piece sealed cab that helps keep dirt, dust, rain and debris out of the cab while reducing interior noise. Operators step into a wide cab entrance through a front door that slides up. It can be opened regardless of the position of the bucket or loader arms. The loader can be operated with the door folded up.

Front and rear LED work lights and a large upper windshield improves the operator’s view of the work site day or night.

A new 7-inch color LCD touch-panel monitor with jog dial comes standard in the SVL75-3 and is conveniently positioned to the front right of the operator for easy access. The LCD panel gives operators access to a range of functions and vital information such as:

Easy access to the battery and fluid filters, with the radiator and oil cooler located atop the engine, makes routine maintenance and cleaning easy. (Photo: Kubota Tractor Corp.)
  • battery charge
  • hydraulic oil and coolant temperature
  • auxiliary mode
  • fuel level
  • rear-view camera display

Additional features include keyless engine start, with the ability to save up to 51 user passcodes, and a new integrated Bluetooth radio that provides seamless streaming and hands-free calling, available in closed cab models only

Maintenance made easy

Easy access to the engine compartment, battery and fluid filters, with the radiator and oil cooler located on top of the engine compartment, makes routine maintenance and cleaning easy. An optional reversing fan helps to keep the radiator intake free of dust and debris. The one-piece sealed cabin can be tilted up 56.5 inches without having to lift the boom, providing access to the hydraulic pumps, valves, lines and hydraulic tank.

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