Link-Belt’s new 355 X4S is largest minimum swing radius excavator in lineup

By Paige HaeffeleApril 06, 2022

A shortened but powerful tail swing gives the 355 X4S the versatility to meet the various needs of the job site

LBX Company introduces the Link-Belt 355 X4S excavator, the flagship model of its upcoming X4S Series, built upon the features of the X4 Series with added functionality and new features exclusive to the series.

The 355 X4S is the largest minimum swing radius excavator in the Link-Belt product lineup, weighing approximately 78,709 lbs.

“Through customer and dealer feedback, the 355 X4S has incorporated features and performance that have come to be expected from the Link-Belt brand,” said Adam Woods, LBX manager of innovation and technology integration. “The 355 X4S offers the power of a large machine at a lower weight, and the fuel efficiency and high productivity provide operators with lower daily operating costs.”

A shortened but powerful tail swing gives the 355 X4S the versatility to meet the various needs of the job site along with a variety of buckets, thumbs and coupler options available for the machine. It is ideal for road construction and maintenance, residential or commercial excavation, site prep, pipeline construction, sewer, utilities work and demolition projects.

The 355 X4S is powered by a six-cylinder, 205-hp Isuzu Final Tier 4 engine that produces 205 hp without the need for a DPF to maintain.

There are now four work modes, all with varying levels of selectable rpm settings giving the operator greater flexibility and more options to fine-tune their work.

The latest generation features a new Eco mode that improves fuel economy, as well as a new Lifting mode which ensures power boost is always on during lower rpm crane tasks.

The 355 X4S is equipped with a newly designed, full-size cab that is ROPS and FOPS Level 1 certified from the factory and has mounting bosses already installed to add factory guarding packages.

The new cab also debuts new technological features, including a 10-in LCD monitor that gives the operator greater visibility of machine functions and customization, and comes with LBX’s new RemoteCARE equipment analytics tool that provides 24/7 remote monitoring, machine health and security features.

Operators can also customize hydraulic flow to arm-in, boom-up or swing functions, depending on the immediate need of the job, directly through the monitor.

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