MBW Power Pitch adjusts trowel blade pitch on the fly

By Larry StewartJanuary 25, 2023

MBW’s new Power Pitch handle allows push-button changes to trowel pitch powered by the M18 Redlithium Milwaukee battery. (Photo: MBW)

MBW puts a battery-powered Power Pitch on the handle of power trowels to allow operators to pitch the trowel blades at the push of a button, without taking their hands off of the handle.

Powered by the M18 Redlithium Milwaukee battery, the Power Pitch trowel handle pitches the trowel blades electronically. Any M18 Redlithium Milwaukee battery can be used and will not affect the handle’s performance.

Features of the Power Pitch handle include:

  • The accessory adds LED lights to the handle to improve visibility with
    Make pitch changes with both hands firmly on the handlebar with these weatherproof switches. (Photo: MBW)
    a weatherproof on/off switch.
  • The electric actuator has its own limit switches, allowing the blades to automatically stop pitching once flat or fully pitched within the actuator’s range.
  • Weatherproof switches for the lights and Power Pitch blade adjustment are enclosed in a cast aluminum housing on the operator handle.
  • The enclosed battery box is mounted under the handle and near the operator to help prevent damage and concrete up build up.

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