Moxion Power lands multi-million dollar deal with Sunbelt Rentals

By Jenny LescohierMarch 29, 2023

Moxion Power generator Moxion is partnering with Sunbelt Rentals to bring mobile battery systems to construction job sites

Moxion Power Co., manufacturer of clean mobile energy storage technology, has announced a multi-million dollar purchase order from Sunbelt Rentals to deliver more than 600 MP-75/600 mobile battery units over the next year.

Manufactured in the U.S., Moxion’s mobile batteries offer what the company said is a 100% electric solution to industries that have historically relied on generators for temporary power, including construction, disaster response, utilities, film and live events. Moxion’s products have enough energy capacity to run for days or weeks before recharging is needed.

“Moxion’s batteries are virtually silent, produce no direct emissions, and can be charged with renewable energy, making them a cleaner and more sustainable solution than diesel generators,” said Paul Huelskamp, Moxion’s CEO and co-founder. “Moxion is proud to partner with Sunbelt Rentals to deliver the next generation of clean, mobile power technology and support their customers’ decarbonization efforts across a number of industries.”

Mark Wilton, director of sustainable energy, Power & HVAC at Sunbelt Rentals, said, “Sunbelt Rentals is excited to be early adopters of Moxion’s innovative mobile battery systems. Securing these batteries for our fleet supports our commitment to providing customers with solutions that can help them significantly reduce emissions.

“We are confident our partnership with Moxion is only the beginning and look forward to working together to provide clean, reliable energy to customer job sites.”

In addition to the MP-75/600 mobile power unit, Moxion unveiled a new mobile power unit, the MP-30/200, which offers a maximum continuous output of 30kW at 480 volts and 200kWh of total energy storage. Similar to the MP-75/600, this unit provides both single- and three-phase power via Moxion’s patented power conversion system and can operate in hybrid-mode when paired with a generator for optimized fuel economies.

Multiple Moxion units can be combined and operated in a parallel configuration to increase power and energy capacity, create redundancy for critical applications, or provide uninterrupted power when units are being alternated for charging purposes.

Moxion is pioneering mobile energy storage technology in direct response to the significant demand for cleaner power and energy solutions from commercial and industrial customers who are recognizing the negative environmental impacts, operational costs, and inefficiencies of burning fossil-fuels to generate temporary power.

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