Seppi M. unveils new machines for forestry mulching and land clearing operations

By Jenny LescohierFebruary 28, 2023

The Max 50 le is a radio-controlled tracked carrier that can be remotely operated from a safe distance

Seppi M. reports it will introduce at CONEXPO-CON/AGG three machines designed to make vegetation management, stone crushing, right of way and any type of land clearing easier than ever: the Max 50 le remote control tracked carrier, Microforst cl compact forestry mulcher, and Minisoil cl stone crusher and forestry mulcher for compact loaders.

Land clearing and forestry jobs often involve working in difficult or potentially dangerous environments. Steep slopes, low overhangs, roadsides and dense forests are just a few of the places where these types of projects typically take place. It is often difficult or even impossible for larger machines to work effectively in areas where these types of jobs need to be completed, and often they can be hazardous to operators.

With these new machines Seppi M. says it is helping to make it possible to complete these jobs more efficiently.

The Max 50 le is a radio-controlled tracked carrier that can be remotely operated from a safe distance. It features a low center of gravity and a 49 HP engine to handle steep slopes with inclines up to 55° which typically present tipping hazards to skid steers, compact track loaders, and tractors with an operator guiding the machine.

The machine is said to deliver excellent traction, and its remote control displays machine information like fuel levels, speed and RPM. This machine is not just restricted to steep slopes; it is also designed for confined forested areas and managing vegetation on busy roadsides or under low overhangs.

Seppi M. is also bringing the Microforst cl to CONEXPO CON/AGG, their mulcher designed to clear vegetation in areas where larger mulchers or carriers won’t fit. The Microforst cl forestry mulcher can attach to any skid steer or compact track loader that delivers between 13 gpm and 27 gpm of hydraulic flow. It uses tungsten carbide tipped hammers to tear through vegetation up to 5” in diameter. Built from tough AR400 wear resistant steel, the Microforst cl can handle harsh environments and work anywhere its carrier take it.

Seppi M. reports there is increasing demand for stone crushers, soil tillers and mulchers that are compatible with smaller equipment rather than large tractors and loaders. The Minisoil cl is Seppi’s answer to that need.

It is compatible with compact skid steers and CTLs that deliver between 28 gpm and 66 gpm of hydraulic flow while still bringing the power and capabilities of a larger machine. Its working width is 59”, it crushes stones up to 6” in diameter, and it mulches wood up to 8” in diameter. Plus, it tills the soil as deep as 4”, allowing the operator to mulch and crush above or below grade. The Minisoil cl combines crushing, tilling, and mulching in one attachment and lets you access areas where larger machines can’t fit.

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