Skyjack’s new micro scissors a good fit for tight spaces

By Lindsey AndersonFebruary 26, 2021

Skyjack enters the micro scissors lift market with its new SJ3013

Skyjack has debuted a number of new products, including a new micro scissors lift which is designed for getting people and materials where they need to be in tight interior spaces.

The company also introduced a 20-foot vertical mast machine and has redesigned and updated its 40- and 60-foot boom lifts.

At the smallest end of the spectrum is the company’s new 13-foot SJ3013 micro scissors lift for the ANSI market.

“We’ve thought about the best way to introduce a micro scissor lift to our product lineup for some time now,” said Kristopher Schmidt, product manager of Skyjack.

“The micro [machines] combine some features from our DC scissor lifts, including our new ECOTRAY leak containment system, and the versatility that comes with a wind rating that increases fleet flexibility and electric drive that provides improved duty cycles.”

The SJ3013 has a platform height of 13 feet and working height of 19 feet. It’s wind-rated for one person, so platform and working height were reduced to accommodate ANSI requirements.

Skyjack also chose direct electric drive in response to growing demand for low level powered access equipment with increased duty cycle expectations. The micros provide up to 25% gradeability, fully proportional drive and lift controls and

Skyjack’s new 20-foot vertical mast


Vertical mast

The company has also introduced the all-new SJ20 that features a 20-foot platform height, full electric drive and optional wind rating.

“The higher height meant a new five-section mast design with a closed multistage cylinder,” Schmidt explained.

The SJ20’s torque provides up to 25% gradeability and can accomodate 350 lbs in the platform. The machine has a GVW of 2,440 lbs.

“Similar to our Next Generation DC scissor lifts, our new vertical masts also feature an onboard diagnostic system,” Schmidt said. “By providing operators or service technicians with real-time faults in plain simple language, we’ve eliminated the need for plug-in calibration for day-to-day troubleshooting.”

Commonalities with its smaller vertical mast counterparts include:

  • A traversing deck that provides up to 16 inches of up-and-over capability
  • Easy-access maintenance hatch, providing unrestricted access to all major components including batteries
  • Improved ground clearance for pothole protection without components to maintain or potentially snag on cords or debris
  • Revamped booms

Rounding out its launches, Skyjack also debuted new 40- and 60-foot boom lifts that utilize the company’s Smartorque technology. The units will replace current 40- and 60-foot models.

“Skyjack’s Smartorque optimizes the gearing of our axle-based system, along with a simplified, high efficiency hydraulics package,” said Corey Connolly, product manager at Skyjack. “So our new 40 and 60-foot booms are able to employ less than 25hp engines to deliver the same on-site job performance as higher powered units.

“Engines have become much more complex and with requirements for more emission controlling devices (DOC DPF, and more). These devices and their impact on engine maintenance can quickly drive up the cost of ownership. Moving to a smaller engine avoids all of these associated costs.”

The new Skyjack models offer:

  • Significantly less sensor & emission regulation components minimizes any associated downtime
  • Reduced fuel usage through reduced engine size
  • No downtime related to after treatment components clogging in colder climates
  • No dealing with customer issues on active regeneration
  • No expensive Diesel Oxidization Catalyst (DOC) or Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) maintenance or replacement
  • Reduced engine OEM intervention and loss of uptime
  • No reliance on ultra-low sulfur fuel reduces costs and improves resale options

“These features taken individually may not seem significant, but the real benefit is that a combination of these things along with any associated downtime will quickly provide savings to our customers,” stated Connolly.

New boom lifts include:

• SJ40T+ (replacing the existing SJ40T+)

• SJ45T+ (replacing the existing SJ45T+)

• SJ45AJ+ (replacing the existing SJ46 and SJ46AJ+)

• SJ60AJ+ (replacing the existing SJ51/SJ63 and SJ63AJ+)

Stay tuned for more product introductions from Skyjack in the coming days. 

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