Studson: The Safest Helmet on any Jobsite. Period.

March 14, 2023


Studson: The Safest Helmet on any Jobsite. Period.

Saving Lives, One Helmet At A Time

Little has changed since the hard hat was invented in 1919. So we decided to revolutionize the industry and reinvent the safety helmet category. Born from the world of extreme sports, Studson created a new safety helmet using new materials, innovative design, and embedded with technology. We not only created a new safety helmet, we created the best safety helmet.

The revolutionary Studson SHK-1 is the only safety helmet to combine three different safety technologies into one helmet. Designed for the trades, it utilizes cutting-edge head protection components used in extreme sports. SHK-1 is simply the most innovative safety helmet on the market. Constructed with a sleek ABS shell and EPS liner, each Studson helmet is complemented by three technologies - Koroyd, twICEme IFRD and Shield-X. These three protective technologies come together to form one incredibly tough helmet.

Cutting Edge Technology. Superior Protection.

Born from the world of extreme-sports, Studson helmets not only are built from an incredibly tough ABS, but they are the only safety helmet integrated with three different technologies.

Truly next level protection pared with cutting edge technology.

Protected With Koroyd®

Koroyd® is a cellular structure designed to take and absorb impacts so the risk of injury is reduced. The welded tubes crumple instantly and protect the wear against blows from most angles. It’s designed to absorb the maximum force in a controlled manner, minimizing energy transferred to the wearers head.

When Seconds Matter twICEme is always ready

twICEme technology is a nfc (near field communication) RFID chip embedded into the helmet that stores the wearers vital medical information such as allergies and medication taken, in case of an emergency.

Superior Brain Protection

Brainshield® by Shield-X® — Replaceable helmet pad system to significantly reduce the sharp twisting and compression of the brain during angled or oblique impacts – the primary cause of concussions.

Where Safety Meets Innovation

At Studson helmets, safety is paramount. Every detail is thoughtfully considered and integrated into a helmet that provides the highest level of protection, the ultimate in comfort and also looks damn good. From day one, Studson has been driven by one singular thought – to make the best safety helmet for the industrial market. From new materials to new technology, we are constantly testing and analyzing our helmets to consistently deliver the most innovative head protection in the industrial market. Period.

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