Tenty introduces wearable safety alert device for construction

By Jenny LescohierSeptember 21, 2022

“Tenty” is an adjective that means paying close attention for the purpose of anticipating approaching danger. And that’s just what Tenty, a new construction technology company, intends to do with its new safety-focused telematics solution.

Tenty has launched its patent-pending telematics safety system it says will reduce worker incidents and help construction companies and business consulting firms manage job sites more efficiently.

The company says the system connects workers and equipment to ensure safe working conditions and increase productivity by using inch-level positioning GPS-based technology.

By relying on a highly accurate worker position and a multitude of physical and environmental sensors, the new Tenty Rover will warn workers of potential dangers, such as incoming mobile equipment, overhead loads, environmental conditions and more.

“Tenty is an easy-to-install system that enhances worker safety and warns workers of potential dangers throughout the job site,” said Gustavo A. Anzola, co-founder and chief revenue officer. “Tenty also increases job site productivity with unique tools to communicate with workers, having insight to site performance and ensuring regulation compliance.

“Lastly, we will improve site response to emergencies by giving workers the ability to send a distress signal to nearby personnel and by providing real-time management of muster points and evacuation procedures.” 

In addition to the product’s safety system, Tenty is designed to help job sites operate more efficiently by allowing managers to have a “birds-eye” view in real time of the job site, its traffic and alerts from workers. The Tenty Dashboard seamlessly provides managers the ability to download attendance reports, view individual worker locations, and monitor the level of activity or safety alerts from a local computer, with or without an internet connection.

The Tenty Rover is a lightweight wearable device (3.75” wide x 2” tall x 0.75” thick) equipped with two buttons: a Confirmation button and a SOS button. The Confirmation button allows workers to automatically acknowledge and log when safety briefings are heard and understood, eliminating the time-consuming process of organizing as a group and passing signature sheets. The SOS button will help workers call out for help during an emergency or incident, and allow managers to locate and assist the workers involved in an emergency much faster.

Tenty is currently piloting the Tenty system and offering financial incentive for early adopters. The Tenty Rover is expected to market by the first quarter of 2023.

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