Top of the top: Who made the lists of what’s leading in construction

By Jenny LescohierDecember 16, 2022

It’s satisfying to read “top 10” lists because they neatly summarize and categorize areas of personal interest, allowing us to gain a better understanding of what are often expansive areas of study.

Following are a handful of our most popular lists, all in one place for your convenience:

10 most expensive cities to build in - Turner & Townsend’s International Construction Market Survey gathered data from 88 different locations to come up with this list. 

The report says that, “In the 2021 survey, there were 11 markets that were expected to have construction cost inflation of 10% or more in 2021. In our 2022 survey results, there are 38 markets that suggested they experienced inflation of 10% or more. The pace and degree at which costs have risen has been greater than anticipated in last year’s survey.”

Find out where your favorite lands on the list of top 10 construction equipment manufacturers based on sales figures

Top 10 construction equipment brands - Construction equipment owners are a pretty loyal bunch, with strong ties to their brand of choice. Find out where your favorite lands on the list of top 10 construction equipment manufacturers based on sales figures, which, by the way, reached a record high in 2021.

The latest Yellow Table, International Construction’s annual ranking of the world’s top 50 construction equipment manufacturers by sales figures, has revealed that sales for 2021 increased by 20.8% over the previous year, with sales for the top 10 on the list rising sharply.

An increase in sales was expected, with the sales results of many companies on the list being badly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in last year’s list. However, such a steep rise was not expected – the figure of $232.7 billion is the highest ever figure for the Yellow Table.

What cities have the highest-paid construction workers? - Three of the top five cities in which construction workers can expect to receive the highest pay are in the U.S.

According to the Turner & Townsend’s International Construction Market Survey, the top two spots were both in Switzerland, with Geneva offering an average hourly salary of $118 followed by Zurich with $117.

The report said North America currently has the highest average labor cost at $68 but has shown little movement from 2021. Construction wages in North America were likely to increase over the next 12 months, due to worsening skills shortages across the country.

Top 10 construction companies in 2022 - Despite a bucket of challenges including skyrocketing materials costs, supply chain problems and a continuing skilled

Sales for the world’s 200 biggest contractors has reached a record figure of $1.968 trillion, the highest figure ever recorded

labor shortage, U.S. construction has been a bright spot on an otherwise murky economic landscape. Thanks in part to an unprecedented housing boom, many American construction firms are seeing growth like never before.

To see which companies are dominating the American playing field, we pulled this list from the annual International Construction Top 200, produced by our colleagues over at, which ranks firms worldwide in terms of total annual sales.

The big news this year is that sales for the world’s 200 biggest contractors has reached a record figure of $1.968 trillion, the highest figure ever recorded. The total sales figure on the previous ICON 200 was $1.746 trillion.

Top 100 crane-owning companies in North America - Many North American crane-owning firms attempting to right-size their fleets have sold off a number of their machines to do so over the past year.

The ACT100 index of North America’s top crane-owning companies declined in 2022, shrinking by 329,339 tons from 2021. This is the first time the index fell in more than a decade.

There was an apparent sell-off of cranes by most companies on the list. While a lot of companies reduced their fleets, a few made notable gains.

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