Vermeer buys Normag drilling technology

By Andy BrownDecember 22, 2020


Vermeer will now fast-track an electric HDD

Vermeer Corporation has acquired electric-powered horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and fluid systems technology from Netherlands company Normag, with plans for product distribution in Europe later this year, followed by introductions in North America and other global markets.

The deal gives Vermeer the rights to develop, manufacture and distribute fully electric HDD rigs, generator sets and fluid management systems, which are currently operating across Europe under the Normag brand.

According to the company, the acquisition is a key part of Vermeer’s strategy to meet growing demand for electric-powered worksite solutions.

The Normag electric HDD technology offers an integrated electric power system that optimizes efficiency across the generator set, drill rig and fluid management systems during operations. When connected to the electric grid, the system can operate as a fuel-free system.

“With this technology already proven in operations across Europe, our Vermeer team can now fast-track an electric HDD offering that helps operators better control their cost of operations and worksite impacts through reduced fuel use, near-zero emissions, limited noise and an overall smaller rig footprint,” said Vermeer President and CEO Jason Andringa.

The Normag HDD system technology has been in development for more than eight years in the Netherlands. It was purpose-built to help companies comply with European transportation and worksite regulations and lower their environmental and worksite impacts. Drill rig and fluid packages have been piloted with customers across Europe for several years.

Vermeer will focus first on introducing the products to the European customer base to support large-diameter underground infrastructure projects. Products will be sold under the Vermeer brand in partnership with Vermeer dealers.

After the products are established in Europe, Vermeer says it will introduce them in key global markets where electric systems are desired, including North America and Australia. They intend to bring products to those markets within the next 24-36 months.

All product development, engineering, marketing and production for the technology will move to the Vermeer EMEA headquarters in Goes, Netherlands. Vermeer expects that its first rigs and fluid systems will be in production and ready for distribution in Europe by late 2021. That will likely include a system built around a 120-metric ton HDD rig, a 2,500-liter reclaimer and high-pressure pump.

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