VIDEO: Fecon’s FMX28 makes compact excavators into mulching machines

September 20, 2022

The FMX28 uses 14 flippable knife tools on a bite-limiting split ring rotor to achieve a 28-inch cutting width

Fecon’s new FMX28 Bull Hog trenching attachment is designed to turn compact excavators into mulching machines

Made for 3.5 to 8-ton compact excavators with hydraulic flows from 12-40 gpm, the 750-lb FMX28 is optimized for machines in the 3.5-to-5-ton range. It joins a family now made up of four Bull Hog mulching heads for excavators.

Designed for owner-operators, rentals, right-of-way maintenance and more, the new mulching head attaches to an excavator to clear trees up to 5 inches in diameter, as well as brush along roadsides, ravines, creeks, riverbanks and places that could otherwise be difficult to reach.

The FMX28 uses 14 flippable knife tools on a bite-limiting split ring rotor to achieve a 28-inch cutting width. Aftermarket carbide tools are also available for ground engaging applications.

As an entry-level vegetation management tool, the FMX28 can replace workers wielding chainsaws and hand crews, making the technology safer and more productive, especially when working on slopes.

Unit is engineered to efficiently mulch while maintaining high-rotor rpm. A downward front discharge reduces thrown debris. The lighter design also allows owners or renters to mount the unit on backhoes and side-arm booms.

To ensure you get the right tool for the job, Fecon offers a free engineering evaluation for your carrier. 

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