Volvo invites future construction engineers to play with its new line of toy machines

By Leila SteedSeptember 13, 2022

Volvo CE partners with Brio to inspire budding engineers

Who doesn’t have happy memories of playing with toy trucks and cars as a child? Maybe you were even lucky enough to have some miniature construction machines to play with. If not, it’s never too late, since Volvo is working with toymaker Brio Builder to bring you a range of wooden toys based on earthmoving equipment. 

Said to “excite the imagination” of potential future construction engineers, the toy range includes a wheel loader, hauler and an excavator.

They were designed to resemble their real-life counterparts and come with easy-to-use tools and assembly instructions that allow children to build each model.

“We’re thrilled to see this partnership with Brio come to life,” says Arvid Rinaldo, brand partnership at Volvo Construction Equipment. “This is the first time these two Scandinavian brands have collaborated, but we have forged a strong bond, united by a number of shared values including quality, safety, a passion for exceptional design and a commitment to environmental responsibility.”

Due to be launched in the third quarter of this year, the toys will be made from FSC Certified beech wood and plastic pieces that are suitable for children aged three and over.

“With these new Volvo-themed vehicles, the construction play takes on a whole new level of fun,” says Dan Nordlund, product designer for Brio Builder. “Kids can now build their massive machines, act out a real-life inspired construction site and then reinvent and rebuild to their hearts desire.”

While working with the construction equipment manufacturer is a first-time event for Brio, Volvo has previously partnered with another toymaker on multiple projects.

Over the years Volvo CE has partnered with Lego Technic, not only for the creation of equipment-themed Lego sets, but also for the design and manufacturing of new construction machines.

In 2021, Volvo CE unveiled a prototype construction machine it says was inspired by a Lego Technic model. Known as Zeux, the concept machine was the third collaboration between the two companies since 2014, but the first time they created a futuristic machine.

The first two Lego Technic models were of Volvo CE’s existing L350F wheel loader and EW160E wheeled excavator.

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