Volvo’s new EC350E excavator extends mid-sized range

By Jenny LescohierJanuary 19, 2021

The new Volvo EC350E excavator is designed for general construction duties

Volvo has extended its mid-sized range of excavators with the new EC350E which was designed to bridge the performance profile of the company’s existing EC300E and EC380E excavators.

The 35-tonne EC350E is made for general construction duties. With a total height of under 13 feet (4m) when loaded on a trailer, it can be transported without dismantling. It has a maximum digging reach of 36 ft 10 in. and a maximum digging depth of 24 ft 11 in.

Operators can select several functions depending on the task at hand and their preferences. This includes boom/swing and boom/travel priority, enabling one function to take the lead over another. The boom-down speed can also be adjusted, giving added control for tasks that require extra precision. A range of matched Volvo Attachments are available.

According to the company, long days in the cab are made less stressful with boom-and-arm bounce reduction technology that lessens machine shocks. The Comfort Drive Control option helps reduce fatigue by enabling operators to steer the machine using the joystick rollers instead of the pedals. There are also customizable settings that include a ‘long push’ functionality on the joystick, allowing operators to set an additional shortcut function.

Operators are further assisted in their tasks by the optional Dig Assist apps – powered by the 10-inch Volvo Co-Pilot tablet. These include 2D, In-Field Design, 3D software packages, and On-Board Weighing – as well as Volvo Active Control, which automates boom and bucket movements for faster digging. With Volvo Active Control, operators can also set swing fence, height limit, and depth limit. This helps to avoid contact with side obstacles, overhead obstacles such as power lines, and underground hazards such as pipes and cables.

A combination of features that includes the classic ECO mode, selectable work mode and intelligent electro-hydraulics help make the EC350E fuel efficient. The D8M Volvo engine features a power rating of 1,600 rpm and comes fitted with auto-idle and shutdown features to help reduce unnecessary fuel use.

With auto-regeneration technology, the machine doesn’t need to be stopped to clean the diesel particulate filter. Additionally, the turbo-chargers are carefully cooled, thanks to an optional delayed engine shutdown feature, which helps avoid overheating and increases the machine’s reliability. Also contributing to increased machine reliability is the electro-hydraulic system, which requires fewer hoses than is normal – reducing the need for couplings and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Time and maintenance costs are further reduced, due to the engine oil and filter change intervals of 1,000 hours, as well as ground-level access to grouped filters.

Volvo’s Uptime Services, including Oil Analysis, Care Inspection, and Undercarriage Inspections help keep machines in top condition, while easy-to-read reports – powered by the CareTrack telematics system – help owners track productivity, fuel efficiency, and machine condition. Volvo Uptime Centers monitor the machine and notify customers, if required. This service is called Volvo Active Care.

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