Wirtgen’s new intelligent compact cold milling machine to debut at World of Asphalt

By Paige HaeffeleMarch 02, 2022

Wirtgen is ready to debut a new model to its intelligent F series, its latest generation of compact cold milling machines. The midsize model in the line, the W 120 XFi will be formally introduced at World of Asphalt, March 29-31, in Nashville. 

Unique in this industry segment, the innovative technologies of the Wirtgen F-series large milling machines have now been integrated in the company’s compact milling machines. The compact XFi series allows for more manuverability, control and precision without compromising power and speed. The W 120 XFi machine has an EPA tier 4f, 345-hp engine, with a maximum milling speed of 1.6 mph. 

The compact rear loader machines are designed to be highly maneuverable and their rear right wheel can be swiveled in while using, which allows for a small turning radius.

A variety of different milling drums are available, enabling the small milling machines to cover a wide range of applications extending from partial pavement rehabilitations and tie-in milling to the rehabilitation of industrial floors.

The new machine in the one-meter class is designed for performance and flexibility with a working width of 3 ft 11 in. The milling unit is located at the rear of the machine on the right hand side, allowing the machine to drive directly up to obstacles at the rear, for example when milling tie-ins. The large slewing angle and the speed of the front-loading conveyor belt can be flexibly adjusted for optimum material loading.

Technologies of the Wirtgen F-series large milling machines have now been integrated in the company’s compact milling machines

The new W 120 XFi model has an operating weight of 48,281 lbs and features Wirtgen’s leveling technology, which adjusts height, depth and pitch while milling. Throughout that process, the system compares the actual values to user-set predefined values and automatically adjusts to meet those specifications.

The compact dimensions and optimized machine weight make XFi series machines capable of a wide range of job site operations, and the machine control system with Wirtgen’s LEVEL PRO PLUS leveling system, as well as a user-friendly interface, make one-person operation of the machines possible.

The LEVEL PRO PLUS system features a fully integrated machine control system, as well as numerous automatic and additional functions.

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