Yanmar’s entry to the compact track loader market is not a rebranded ASV

By Larry StewartMarch 15, 2023

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, Yanmar Compact Equipment introduced its first compact track loader, the TL100VS, with 10,286-pound tipping load. This is not a rebranded machine from Yanmar subsidiary ASV.

Yanmar Compact Equipment introduces The first compact track loader ever from Yanmar is the TL100VS with 3,600-pound operating capacity. (Photo: Yanmar)

The first machine in an expected four-model line, the TL100VS owes the visibility of a clear-sided cab to ASV designs, but distinguishes itself with a steel-embedded rubber track and steel sprockets. ASV doesn’t use steel in its tracks.

Yanmar executives told CONEXPO-CON/AGG attendees that the company remains committed to maintaining the separate ASV brand with its focus on high-end buyers.

Models TL65RS, TL75VS and TL80VS are expected to be available later in 2023.

Standard 40 gpm performance

The TL100VS is powered by a 103.5 horsepower Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engine. Standard 40-gpm high-flow hydraulics deliver performance and efficiency expected from a machine with 3,600-pound standard operating capacity. The TL100VS uses large hydraulic-line sizes, coolers and direct-drive pumps to push more flow and pressure directly to the attachment and reducing power loss.

A torsion axle suspended undercarriage with a pivot link system at the rear axle uses a spring load to reduce oscillation and stabilize the machine moving over rough terrain, improve material retention and ride quality. Travel speeds up to 8 mph and a standard suspended seat help keep operators productive and fresh through their shifts.

Loader-automating efficiency

The TL100VS offers optional efficiency-enhancing features including a load-sensing hydraulic pump that regulates flow to produce only what’s necessary to complete the work, rather than using maximum flow all the time. The machine can also be configured with self-leveling loader linkage, ride control and auto 2-speed drives.

Yanmar’s A work-tool positioner option allows operators to preset a desired attachment angle and loader-arm height to which the loader will return at the push of a button, much like return to dig features.

A work-tool positioner option allows operators to create a preset for the angle of the attachment based on the task at hand, returning the attachment to that position at the push of a button. It’s much like many loaders’ return-to-dig feature. Similarly, return-to-position technology allows operators to set a designated height for the loader arms. The work tool positioner and return-to-position features can be paired together or used independently to match needs on the job.

Operators can move material more quickly with less loss with the TL100VS self-leveling and ride control features. Self-leveling automatically levels the load while raising and lowering the loader arms. Speed-sensitive ride control automatically engages above a certain speed to improve material retention, then senses when to deactivate as the machine slows down. Operators can adjust the default speeds for ride control based on personal preference.

Auto 2-speed shifts automatically between low- and high-speed modes improving control while grading and working in tight places, and making most productive use of the loader’s speed while traveling.

Technology options

The TL100VS can get optional SmartAssist telematics from Yanmar’s mini excavator line. Features range from error detection and notification to real-time operational status updates, daily work reports and geofencing security features.

A new remote-control option – factory or field-installed – allows the loaders to be operated from a safe distance with a harness-mounted control box.

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