Next-level intelligent compaction

June 01, 2021

BOMAP Connect means greater efficiency with fewer passes

BOMAG has been perfecting compaction since 1957, leading the way with innovative technology at every turn. “The introduction of the BOMAP app at Bauma in 2019 was a giant step forward for soil and asphalt compaction in the digital age,” says Bert Erdmann, a compaction industry veteran with more than 25 years in the business and a leading expert for BOMAG Americas. “Now BOMAG is introducing BOMAP Connect, which represents the next level of intelligent compaction.”

BOMAP helps prevent unnecessary passes, which saves time, fuel and money. The app displays live maps of the construction site and a color scale indicates the compaction progress in real time, giving the operator clear instructions on what needs to be done to achieve the best results. The operator passes over green and red areas until the target has been reached, when the area turns blue. “Fewer passes translates into reduced wear on your equipment and improved on-site time management,” says Erdmann, “plus it reduces your CO2 footprint.”

After the work is done, you can save your documentation in a PDF file. “There are competitors out there with similar solutions,” says Erdmann, “but BOMAP Connect now allows contractors to leap into the future.” BOMAP runs on all standard Android tablets and smartphones. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.


Shared information brings connectivity to the next level

BOMAP Connect networks all compaction machines on a construction site in real time, regardless of manufacturer. It shows site managers and every operator on the job the current compaction status of the entire site.

BOMAG Connect takes the guesswork out, says Erdmann. “Think about it like this: In asphalt compaction, there is a narrow window of time once the material is laid to gain optimal compaction because the material is cooling. Using the app, a job site foreman can assess in a glance by color and then direct a finish roller to an area before it cools off to help ensure the best compaction results are being achieved – and BOMAP Connect documents everything. This interconnectivity creates the ideal conditions for next-level intelligent compaction.”

BOMAP Connect

With the optional BOMAP antenna, the map display of the compaction process achieves GPS positioning with “track-to-track” precision accuracy of up to 20 cm (7.8 inches). When using the optional open interface BOMAG JOBLINK Bluetooth connection on BOMAG equipment, BOMAP enables access to all process-related data, such as: EVIB or ECONOMIZER value, frequency, amplitude, temperature, speed and direction.

Third-party machines in the fleet also interconnect and help to generate a compaction record across the construction site for pass counting and mapping. “That means you now have the ability to meet any future tender requirements, such as Continuous Compaction Control,”

Erdmann says. BOMAP Connect can also interface directly with systems such as VETA for reporting requirements.

“With BOMAP Connect, the entire compaction process of a project can be planned, controlled, tracked and documented. Even mixed fleets can be monitored and tracked easily without extensive equipment or added costs,” says Erdmann. “BOMAP Connect offers everything in one solution for maximally efficient soil and asphalt compaction, providing all the data you need when you need it, on site or in the office.”

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BOMAP Connect Installation

BOMAP Google Play

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