‘Badass’ severe-duty Class 8 dump truck from Autocar

By Jenny LescohierMay 27, 2021

Autocar trademarked ‘Badass’ to describe its line, which it claimed is North America’s oldest line of specialized severe-duty vocational trucks

Autocar, LLC introduces the fourth version of its DC-64D severe-duty Class 8 dump truck, the ‘Badass,’ which it said is built to exceed industry standards for strength, maneuverability and visibility.

According to information provided by the manufacturer, the company trademarked ‘Badass’ to describe its line of trucks, which it claimed is North America’s oldest line of specialized severe-duty vocational trucks with a 120-year history.

Joining the DC-64R for Refuse, DC-64M for Mixers and DC-64P for Pump, Autocar’s DC-64D for Dump model is engineered to handle challenging jobs.

“Autocar Trucks are vocational pre-engineered for seamless body integration and don’t require significant structural modifications,” said Eric Schwartz, president of Autocar Truck. “As such, our trucks are safer, more structurally sound and are engineered to have a longer life span which lowers the total cost of ownership and adds to our ‘Always Up’ promise. This dump truck is truly badass.”

Autocar partners with dump body manufacturers for parallel engineering of essential dump body mount features in its aims to deliver the highest level of integration. To that end, the featured DC-64D is outfitted with an RS Godwin SCS dump body and features Hardox steel for durability and lighter weight, as well as more payload capacity.

The DC-64D’s power comes from multiple Cummins engine options – the L9, X12 and ISX12N CNG series – to provide high performance, increased fuel economy and lower operating costs. Also, the new X12 offers access to the Single Module after-treatment system with more efficiency and service access from Cummins. The X15 will be available in 2022.

Autocar claimed it’s trucks are the only to have 325-degree, all-around driver visibility, with 30% more glass. The company also said it offers the only Class 8 vocational truck with rear-corner wrap-around windows to improve the rearward view. The front end is sloped to enhance visibility.

The DC-64D also delivers an all-welded steel cab construction for protection during roll-over incidents. Autocar said it has the only vocational truck with frame rail material at a yield strength of 160,000 PSI, RBM of 3.91 pounds per inch, reportedly 24% stronger than industry standards.

Additionally, every DC-64D is built with dual Sheppard M100 steering gears, 112-inch BBC and up to 50 degrees wheel cut, allowing the driver easy steering effort and maneuverability.

The DC-64D cab features a 7-inch driver information smart display to minimize driver distraction and help technicians quickly get drivers back on the road after maintenance.

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