5 ‘oddly satisfying’ asphalt paving videos

By Paige HaeffeleMarch 10, 2022

The road building industry is poised for growth in the near future, thanks in part to the $1.2-trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) which was passed late last year.

Approximately $126 billion of that money will go to the Department of Transportation to use on roadways over the next five years, an increase of about 30% from past years.

This investment is predicted to lead to a boom in the roadbuilding industry, making World of Asphalt 2022 in Nashville the perfect setting to get acquainted with the latest trends and technologies. 

To help us all get tuned up for the upcoming show, March 29-31 in Nashville, we’ve gathered a selection of ‘oddly satisfying’ asphalt paving videos for your enjoyment, compliments of Reddit.

1. Smooth operator

2. Take it from the top

3. Watch out for puddles

4. Going Dutch

5. No more cracks

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