Case’s new attachment turns compact track loaders into grading solutions

By Riley SimpsonAugust 31, 2021

CASE Construction Equipment has introduced the new CASE Precision Grader Blade for large-frame compact track loaders

Case Construction Equipment is introducing a new attachment that allows a large-frame compact track loader (CTL) to perform like a motor grader: the Case Precision Grader Blade.

The new attachment delivers grading capabilities but in a more compact and agile footprint, the manufacturer said, which allows contractors to increase their productivity and efficiency by utilizing CTLs for their jobsites’ grading needs.

“This is built for those applications where contractors have always wanted the power and precision of a motor grader but were unable to justify it based on size, access or cost,” said Jerry Hutkowski, product manager with Case Construction Equipment. “It takes the large-frame CTL that many contractors already own and turns it into a powerful precision grading solution capable of working on sites where a larger machine isn’t practical or can’t gain access.”

The Case Precision Grader Blade is compatible with a range of 2D and 3D precision grading solutions including laser receivers (single or dual), GPS/GNSS (single or dual), sonic tracers, total stations and Case’s SiteControl.

According to a company release, the grading attachment is “plug and play” with the auxiliary hydraulics and 14-pin electrical connection of a large-frame CTL, and it has a 108-in moldboard, which can jointly change elevation and slope through dual lift cylinders, in addition to achieving 60 degrees of combined blade rotation and 26 inches of combined blade side shift.

Case said that no additional controls are required, as motion and action for the grader blade are controlled through the existing joysticks of the CTL.

“Even at full rotation, the blade provides 97 inches of grading width for optimal productivity and windrowing, and the side shift capability allows for easy work around obstacles such as manhole covers and existing utilities,” Hutkowski said.

With powder-coated metal surfaces, composite greaseless bushings at the pivot points and heavy-duty axles with sealed hubs, the grader blade attachment is built for minimal maintenance.

The blade comes standard with a bolt-on reversible cutting edge, and optional equipment includes bolt-on side plates for material containment similar to a grading box and twin mirrors that provide greater visibility down to the moldboard.

“Full-sized motor graders will always excel at large-scale grading projects — but the compatibility of the Case Precision Grader Blade with CTLs that many contractors already own gives them similar performance and capability at a lower entry level price point than a full-sized motor grader,” Hutkowski said. “And it allows them to see the immediate advantages of machine control in fine grading applications, including greater productivity, improved quality, less rework and less wear and tear on your equipment.”

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